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MLM Training- Secret # 1 of Never Getting a NO from Your Prospect

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MLM Recruiting Secrets.

Would you like to Never Get a NO from your home business prospect?
How would you like to go into the recruiting mode and not get a NO from your mlm prospect?
Would learning how to lessen the Nos in your business help you in network marketing?
There are many ways to sponsor and recruit. But there are also SECRETS of recruiting that can help you get more yeses then you ever thought possible.
The power of recruiting comes in your words and APPROACH to the the process. The focus you have in the recruiting process will play heavily into the results that you get in your efforts.
What if you could feel GREAT when you called your prospects knowing you were going to get more YESES then Nos? You can, and WILL if you focus on the right things.
The word YES is what most people are looking for when they recruit. and often they get the exact opposite. And that is why many people cannot recruit. They take the last NO into the next conversation and then gets the same result.
And because of that, you recruit less and less and less. And the next thing you do, is simply…
Or something close to that.
Ok…How can you NEVER get the word NO?
There are many secrets that you can use, and this post we are going to go over one secret that I KNOW will help you in not getting the word NO.
What would happen if you would lessen dramatically the sting and pain of the word NO?  Many things. But the great thing about that is you will:
Work harder.
Recruit more.
Talk to more people.
Connect online with more prospects.
Watch your network marketing business EXPLODE.
Yes, you read that right. NOT getting a lot of Nos can empower you and elevate your focus and expectations- which the prospects will FEEL and respond to in a positive way. And that is what you want- a POSITIVE response to your message and offer.
There is also one more reason why you want less Nos:
You will no longer FEAR the word NO.
It will become a non issue.

1. Look Past the Prospect- Recruit THROUGH them.
•You MUST look beyond the prospect. This means that you need to look at who the prospect knows and likes and has credibility with.
•Recruiting THROUGH someone is a KEY. It is one of the greatest tactics that will accelerate your recruiting.
•It is about who is STANDING BEHIND THEM.
NOT in front of you.
 And if you ask for an introduction to who they know, then you will hear the word NO much less in your mlm network marketing home business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
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MLM Training- The 5 Steps to MAGNETIC Networking in A LIVE Event

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The 5 Steps to MLM Magnetic Networking.

Have you ever networked live in a meeting or an event for your home business?

What did you say about your direct sales business?

What questions do you ask the prospect when networking for your network marketing business?

There are 5 steps that we have found that works amazing in a live event. Below are some opening questions and then a breakdown of the Magnetic Networking process.

The Networking Approach:

 1) “I am a professional in the community like you and I am introducing myself to..”

2) “I love networking with other professionals like yourself over a cup of coffee or tea.“

4) “I run across people all the time with certain needs in their life.”

5) “Maybe there is a way we could help each other.“

6) “Would you be open to some coffee sometime as I would love to get some of your cards – we may be some business synergy.”

Lets take a look at the  5 steps:

1)   “I am a professional in the Community.”

 This states an important fact:

You are one of them.

And this will create the start of a CONNECTION right off the bat, and also establish who you are to the Cold prospect, from one professional to another. Network Marketing is a profession, and you need to start treating it like one.

2)   “I am introducing myself.”

 This sets up an important paradigm. You are taking the initiative to introduce and meet people in the community, and you are a take charge type of person. And it shows you really want to meet folks, as well it shows Leadership.


3)   “I love networking with other professionals.”

 This states one thing: You value other professionals as a resource. And you also show that you appreciate the fact that networking does work in the business world And also that as a resource, a professional has value to you and your Network Marketing business, and vice versa.


4)   “Maybe there is a way we could help each other.”

 This establishes that you are willing to Increase and Improve your prospects business and life. And also you do care about helping people, plus you are showing Potential value right upfront.


5)   “Would you be open for coffee sometime?”

 This is the proactive part of it, and it simply gives them a chance to engage the budding relationship, or not. Most professionals do have an interest in increasing their business, so you will get some interest, and some time with many of them.

 But if they say they are not interested?

Be a professional, and thank them for their time and wish them well. And see if you can get a card for a thank you note to send them.

 “May I at least have a card in case I run across someone who would want your services?”

These are the 5 Steps to Magnetic Networking for our mlm network marketing home business.

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 blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- 14 “Networking LIVE” Ice Breakers to Increase Your Recruiting

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MLM Networking LIVE Tips.

Do you ever network in a networking environment for your home business?

Have you ever been to a Chamber of Commerce meeting for your network marketing business?

Do you know what to say in a networking event for your mlm business?

Conversation RULES in a networking event.

And it can be an ONLINE as well as offline event. There are many “networking events” in social media today, and they are almost as powerful as LIVE networking events face to face.

There is ONE rule to networking that works every time you engage it:

Keep the conversation focused on the person in front of you and make them a Superstar at a Conversation of one. Keep the focus on THEM and all they bring to the event.

Do NOT go off and start talking about YOU.

Give them a chance to ask about you and who you are, what you do, and other questions they may have. If you WAIT and let them ask you, what you say will be more credible and more MAGNETIC.

THEY asked the questions, and you simply replied.

Networking is simply “Casting your NET out and see what kind of Connections you can scoop up in it.”  That is a really cool way to look at it, as all networking is for is making NEW connections that may be of value in the future for both of you.

Here are 14 Networking a Business Event Tactics:

 Here are some questions that have worked for many and I encourage you to use them:

 1) “What is your connection to the host of this party/conference/meeting?”

2) “How did you get involved with this organization/association/ group?”

3) “Tell me about yourself.”

4) “Tell me about your family.”

5) “What is it that you enjoy most about this time of year (season)?”

6) “What do you do for a living? Tell me about it…”

7) “Who do you know that might know about recreational  activities/sports/events /local places to eat,  in this area?”

8) ” Bring me up to date on your family/career/hobby since the last time we chatted.”

9) “Describe that for me, that sounds interesting.”

10) “Are you keeping your cash flow options open?”

11) “That is so interesting. Help me understand how that works.”

12) “How did you meet/come up with that great idea/become interested in becoming an architect/starting your own business?”

13) “Do you read Success and Leadership books?”

14) “If I were to refer someone to you, what would your perfect customer look like?”

These are 14 powerful networking tips that will rock your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- The 7 Traits of the “RIGHT PERSON” when Recruiting

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The Right Person in MLM.

Have you ever looked for that illusive RIGHT PERSON for your network marketing home business?
have you found them yet for your mlm business?
Are you looking for HOW to find those right people that everyone talks about for your home based business?
Ahhhh…..The Right Person.
Everyone wants to find that person, and wants to recruit that person for their mlm business. But most never really find the right person as they do not know what to look for. Many people end up looking for the “Wrong Person” and recruit them into their group.
Now that is smart.  NOT.
The Right person for MLM is out there for sure. But they are NOT going to walk up to you and tell you that they are the right person. They may not even talk to you.
Many people BELIEVE they have found the right person but in reality, they have fond an EXCITED person that has no clue of where they are going in life. Many people do NOT have a clue of where they are going, but they are excited to start the journey.
Those people usually fail in this business. Bummer.
Ok…then how do you identify them?
We have found there are 7 powerful traits that the Right Person has, and you must start to identify those traits in people.
What are the 7 traits that you look for?
1. Dissatisfied.

The Right Person MUST be dissatisfied with SOMETHING in their life. That is critical. It could be with their job, or their income, or their place in life or lifestyle. It can be many things, but there still must be Dissatisfaction with SOMETHING in their life.

2. People person.
The Right Person likes people. They like to be around people. They like to be talking to people, or at least listening. And they like to be connected to people as that is what makes them who they are. Hermits do NOT do very well with a home business.
3. Desires for MORE.

It does little good to be Dissatisfied with something and not have a DESIRE to do something about it, and move PAST IT and ABOVE IT. A Desire for MORE in life with your home business prospect is critical and a MUST HAVE for success in a home business.

4. Open to New ideas.
The Right Person s OPEN to NEW IDEAS. Many people in the world are not open. They MUST be open to listening and learning about them, and show interest in what they are. If they are NOT open, then odds are, they will not come into your business.
5. Timing is Good.

TIMING is EVERYTHING. We all have heard that before. But it is IMPERATIVE for the right person to have the right timing- NOW — and not later. NOW is the key element as far as the right person’s ability to DO SOMETHING NOW.

6. Leader.

This goes without saying. The Right Person is a LEADER and practices Leadership in their life. And if they are displaying Leadership traits, and not in a position for Leadership, then show them you can help activate their Leadership in their life with your home based business.

7. Looking for Solutions.

The Right Person is a “Solutions Seeker” and is seeking solution for a BETTER life, a BIGGER life, a BOLDER life, and a more ABUNDANT life. They read, they attend webinars, and they ask questions looking to find the key to MORE in life and powerful solutions to a BIGGER life.

These are the 7 Traits for the right Person that you want to recruit into your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- Household Income DOWN in 2012- The FACTS

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MLM Training Household Income Down in 2012.

Do you know anyone that’s income is down when you talk to them about your home business?

Is YOUR household income down regardless of your network marketing business?

What statistics and proof do we have for our mlm business that PROVES household income is down?
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Here is an article from SmartBriefs, and a powerful one for that for our home based businesses:


By Michael A. Fletcher,

Published: August 23

The Washington Post

Household income is down sharply since the recession ended three years ago, according to a report released Thursday, providing another sign of the stubborn weakness of the economic recovery.

Well if the people wants to do things like roof or gutter repair there are many repair services provider with low budget and high quality service.

From June 2009 to June 2012, inflation-adjusted median household income fell 4.8 percent, to $50,964, according to a report by Sentier Research, a firm headed by two former Census Bureau officials.

 Median household income is still down from the end of the recent recession.

Only about a quarter of the 6.1 million workers displaced from 2009 to 2011 found new work that paid as well or better.

 Incomes have dropped more since the beginning of the recovery than they did during the recession itself, when they declined 2.6 percent, according to the report, which analyzed data from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey.
The recession, the most severe since the Great Depression, lasted from December 2007 to June 2009.
Overall, median income is 7.2 percent below its December 2007 level and 8.1 percent below where it stood in January 2000, when it was $55,470, according to the report.

The findings highlight the depth of the recession and the long road the nation has to traverse before it fully recovers. They also echo other reports detailing the financial carnage caused by the recession.

This summer, the Federal Reserve reported that the downturn eviscerated two decades of gains in Americans’ wealth. The central bank said the median net worth of families plunged by 39 percent in just three years, from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010, pushing that measure back to nearly 1992 levels.

Few analysts expect a quick bounce back even as the economy grows, if tepidly. The unemployment rate was 8.3 percent in July, marking 42 months that it has been above 8 percent. About 5.2 million people — 40 percent of the unemployed — had been out of work for more than six months. An additional 8.2 million were working part time because they could not get full-time work.

Corporate profits, meanwhile, have recovered. But with workers producing more on the job, the gains in economic output have not been matched by new hiring.

“The character of the recovery has been one that has benefited businesses more than it has workers,” said Gary Burtless, a Brookings Institution economist.

Although the new report does not take into account tax cuts enacted in recent years that have boosted take-home pay, it shows that a broad swath of Americans have lost some income.

Over the past three years, the inflation-adjusted median income of households headed by whites was down 5.2 percent, to $56,255. Households headed by blacks sustained a staggering 11.1 percent drop in median income. Hispanic-led households saw their real income decline by 4.1 percent over the same period, the report said.

Looking at the data by age, the researchers found that income has risen only for workers older than 65 during the recovery, which report co-author and Sentier partner Gordon Green attributes to the cost-of-living increases for Social Security recipients.

Households led by the self-employed saw their income drop 9.4 percent, to $66,752, the report said. Households headed by private-sector employees saw wages drop by 4.5 percent, to $63,800, and households led by government workers saw median income decline by 3.5 percent, to $77,998, the report said.

Government workers, on average, are better educated than private-sector workers, which could help explain their higher wage levels, Green said.

The report also concluded that the declines have been most dramatic in the West, where household income is down 8.5 percent over the past three years. By comparison, income was down 4.9 percent in the Northeast and the South, the report said, while incomes in the Midwest dropped by just 1.1 percent over the past three years.

These are some great statistics for all mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- The 5 Laws of Closing Your Prospect NO ONE Will Tell You

mlm closing

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MLM Closing the Prospects training.

The Power of Closing your prospect must be released in your words and actions- are they for your home based business?

Are YOU using the 5 laws of Closing for your network marketing business?

What are you doing to bring your closing ratio up in your mlm business?

The Power of these 5 Laws are amazing in getting you to understand why most people will NOT close the majority of their prospects in their home business.

What happens if you break the law and speed in your car, and get caught? Can you say YOU GET FINED?

Ok…we known hat Laws if you break them have consequences, and some times can be severe. But yet, many people still have a tendency to disrespect the laws.

But laws if adhered to, can bring better results, and often a better life experience. Can that not happen in business?

Can you not have a better experience in your home business if you adhered to certain “laws” that have been put in place?

Closing is not that hard when you have a prospect- IF you adhere to certain realities and “Laws” that are in play. I cannot tell you how many people in seminars have told me – and this is worldwide- that they cannot CLOSE anyone.

Yes, they can.

But they are in a “lawlessness” state and breaking the very laws they do not even know in most instances.

Do YOU know the 5  Laws of Closing Your MLM prospects?

Most do not, and have never even heard of them. But if you know them and follow them, you will find that your business and results will EXPLODE in a way that you never thought possible. I know. I have been there and once we figured some things out, our business and closing ratio ROCKED!

Ok..what are the 5 Laws of Closing Your MLM prospect?

1. The Law of CIAFOL.

What is THAT?

The most important Law of closing your prospect:

Closing Is A Form Of LEADERSHIP.

Simple. Pure. Right on. If you LEAD the prospect, and just not close them, you will find your business and closing results will SKYROCKET !  Yes, there are other parts to closing, but you MUST close through the Lens of Leadership and if you do, you will find your results much better.

2. The Law of NO PRESSURE.

Closing is NOT pressuring. It is COMPLETING. It is Following THROUGH. It is DRAWING into. But it it NOT pressuring.

Pressure can PUSH the prospect away and you can lose them.

But if you “ASSURE” them, not pressure them, then you will find your closing ratio growing.

Pressure vs. Assure.

Your call.

3. The Law of Agreement.

The prospect MUST come into agreement with the you before you will ever close them.

Agreement WELDS the prospect to your Leadership with the Fire of Hope. And if you bring the prospect into agreement, then the closing will happen more natural, and more powerful.

Get them to AGREE with you.

Agreement brings a great day in your business.

4. The Law of Quiet Confidence.

There is NOTHING more Magnetic then Quiet Confidence. It PULLS people into the “closing net” and they feel very comfortable..


Because Confidence brings “relief” to the prospect in knowing they have made the right decision and TRUSTS you to help them get the benefits promised.

Weakness pushes the prospect AWAY and it does that every time.

Confidence brings PULLING POWER without saying a word. You KNOW you are a Leader and can lead this prospect to the life they want, and to a destiny they once only dreamed of.

Be confident, but NOT arrogant. Arrogance is a cancer to your business and you will never close anyone with it.

5. The Law of “WYOWY.”

What is THAT?

“With You Or Without You.”

“I am going to the top of the mountain and I am taking a LOT of people with me- with you or without you.” That needs to be your focus and mindset.

It is a “Whatever” mind set and basically puts a fear of loss in the prospect.

These are briefly the 5 Laws of Closing No One will tell You for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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Video Recruiting -Perfect for MLM Recruiting a Must Have VIRAL TRAFFIC Video Tool

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It’s called Simple Video Player this is a very exciting and well thought out product. You can:

  • Pin videos….
  • FB Like videos…..
  • LOCK CONTENT on video until they comment or share
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blessings…doug firebaugh

MLM Training- Why Most People Will Never Close 80% of their Prospects

mlm closing network marketing

mlm home business closing

MLM Closing Your Prospects.

Are you closing 80% of YOUR mlm prospects?

Are you closing even HALF of your home business prospects?

Would you like to know WHY you are NOT closing more prospects then you are in your network marketing business?

There are many reasons why.

Most people in a home business do NOT realize that CLOSING of your prospect is WHERE YOU GET PAID.

Yes, prospecting is critical.

Yes, approaching people is a MUST.

And presenting or educating is a must as well.


If you are NOT closing your prospects after all the effort to get them to the close, you are wasting your time and wasting your efforts.

By the way- check out Close Your Prospects Mastery Webinar! It will help you CLOSE your prospects and you will learn over 100 secrets to Closing Success! Move from a Frustrated Marketer to a Closing Master- NOW!

What are the issues with Closing that most people are facing and costing them a TON of  business?

We have done a lot of research over the years and it does not matter whether it is online, offline, social media, mobile recruiting….does not matter. We have found there are many reasons why people are NOT closing 80% of their prospects.

You mean that you CAN close 80% of your prospects?

Yes. I did that for a season in my business. I closed 26 prospects IN A ROW in one month. And there were times that it actually was a little higher.

Why do not most people do that?

It is possible, but most do not see it possible.

We have found there are three main reasons why people do  not close 80% of their prospects and it really does not have to be that way.

What are those reasons?

1. Lack of Agreement.

You MUST get your prospect into agreement with you if you are going to close them. You use “Agreement Questions” as you will learn on the Close Your Prospects Mastery  webinar.

What are Agreement Questions?

“Is that True?”

“Would you Agree?”

“Does this make sense to you?”

Get the prospect to AGREE with you, and they become easier to close.

2. Lack of Transfer of Belief.

All closing is, is a  transfer of belief in the product or business. Most distributors do not focus  on transferring their belief, but creating a transaction. That is going to make closing that much more difficult.

You must use “Belief Statements” to close a prospect.

“I truly believe…”

“Do you believe….?”

“I have never been so sure….”

3. Lack of Connection.

Many distributors never take the time to CONNECT the prospect EMOTIONALLY to the business or product. Many are too busy trying to get the prospect to DO SOMETHING versus FEEL Something.

Are you doing that?

Connection is simply getting the prospect to RELATE to what you are saying.

“Can you relate to that story?”

“Can you relate to this problem most people have?”

Are YOU closing 80% of your prospects?

If you are not then I would suggest attending the Close Your prospects webinar for your mlm network marketing home business to help you become a Closing Master!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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Close Your Prospects

MLM Training - Close Your Prospects Webinar and Member's Training

MLM Training- The Most Powerful Close You Will Ever Hear

mlm closing

ml closing prospects

MLM Closing the Prospects.

Do you have an issue with closing your prospect when it comes time to do that for your home business?

What is YOUR biggest struggle with closing your mlm prospect?

Do you have a knowledge of closing that works EVERY TIME with your network marketing prospect?

Why NOT?

Closing is simply a FOCUS or a MIND SET that most people never develop. But it is also tactics and strategies. And there are many different tactics out there.

here is a TIP:  If you are looking for a Closing Mastery Webinar- then check out:

It will teach you over 100 Closing Secrets, tactics, Strategies, Mistakes and how to correc them and more!

There are many things I have written about “closing” in the past, and today wanted to share some ideas I penned several years ago that is totally applicable to online as well as offline, and even social media.

But one of my favorite posts is one below. It truly takes to heart the secrets of being an effective and powerful “Closing Master.”

Then comes…

Decision TIME in MLM.


No Decision. No paycheck.

The last thing you want to hear at this point is a “Maybe.”


Maybes in this business will KILL YOU. You MUST get Prospects Off the

The Decision is where the Involvement is either crystallized or told goodbye.
You cannot make money in this Network Marketing business without bringing them
to a Decision.


On the Fence = Off the Pay Plan.

In Network Marketing- NEVER Close.

So you want to try to bring them to a decision. And the most common way to do
that is through “CLOSING”…

NEVER CLOSE! You will lose out in the long run…

The last word in Close is Lose…and if you or your distributors don’t close
your Prospect, you will think that you have LOST.

But in reality you have SUCCEEDED!

You got a Decision. And you lead your prospect to the decision that was right
for them.


This business is NOT for everyone. Your job is not to Close people, but to help navigate them to a decision that is right for them…

By using what we call “Navigators”…

What are they?

Phrases to help LEAD people to the decision that is right for them.

Think about it…you don’t want people to sign up who will be a headache down
the road. So sell them a product, get referrals, and Move Forward…

The Master MLM Navigator Questions.

Here are what we call the “Master Navigator Questions”…

Start with…

You know, all I want is what is best for you…and is right for you. This was
for me, but you’re not me. I am not here to convince you of anything…only to
see if this is right for you…

Then ask…

Does this make sense? (answer)
What is the one thing that really got your  attention? Yeah…a lot of folks like that part…

I’ve got an idea…let’s do this…let’s get the paperwork out of the way so
we can get you on your way…

What you have done is create an environment TO  HELP THEM MAKE A DECISION that will lead them to your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings..doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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