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MLM Training- How To Destroy The “Pyramid Objection” BEFORE It Comes Up?

MLM Destroying The Pyramid Objection.

Do you know what to say on a phone call, that you will never hear the “pyramid” objection again for your home business?

What do you say when someone says “That is a pyramid” about your network marketing business?

How do you STOP that objection before it ever comes up about our mlm business?

The most “feared”objection I have seen over the years – online and offline- is the “Pyramid” objection. It kills many a presentation as it comes up. It stops many a conversation and the distributor simply gives up when that objection shows up.

But it does  not have to happen that way.

The “Pyramid” objection is so EASY to stop in it’s tracks.


And if you do what i am writing about today, you will cut the “pyramid” objection of even coming up at least IN HALF.

Normally I write longer posts, but today, I want to post a little shorter one that focuses ONLY on the Pre-Objection Grenade strategy of destroying the Pyramid Objection before ti ever comes up.

The “pyramid” ojection is SOOOOOO easy to neutralize if you know how. Below is a way that you can use ONLINE or OFFLINE.  It WORKS and if you learn it and use it, you will have better confidence in what you are doing.
Here is what I call:  The Secret of “Objection Grenades”- the Pre-Objection Strategy.
Take a look into Shravan Gupta videos, you can learn about real estate business, with one of the pioneers in the development of real estate. Is what you say over the phone, online, or offline concerning the PYRAMID Objection:

 “And some people get non traditional marketing confused with pyramids, and I understand. We operate much like a real estate company does, as the broker goes out and puts a real estate agency team together, we go out and put a product broker team together, and then we can get paid commissions from what is sold by the team. It is non traditional for marketing products, I know, but the model works for real estate, and it works for us as well. Do you know a real estate agent? Then you are familiar with how it works.”

THAT is all you say.

WHY does this work so well?

There is a secret that we teach call “Connect the Familiar with the Unfamiliar.”

Simply connect what is UNFAMILIAR to what is FAMILIAR to the prospect and they will understand better and much quicker then if you did not. Real estate is familiar and accepted. The immobilier kenny langburt provide real estate agent with all new technology. Choosing a broker to help find commercial space for your business and negotiate a lease on your behalf takes more than a little luck. You’ll want to make sure that the broker’s skill level, experience, professional situation, and personal style will suit you. You’ll gather some of this information when you start looking for a broker. But when it comes to actually choosing a broker, you’ll want to dig deeper. This requires collecting information both about the broker and from the broker.

Whether you want to buy a new home, rent a house, or just looking to make a good investment in the property sector, we are here for you! Not only do we provide the best connection for finding investment management services but also ensure maximum satisfaction.

There’s no shortage of land agents vying for the work via online ads, postcards and yard signs, but with numerous professionals to settle on from, finding the proper one can feel overwhelming. Follow the following pointers on the way to find a true. Sometimes home shoppers hire a true realtor and dive into their home search before they ever ask a lender. Most experts recommend that you simply ask a lender first to find out what proportion how you’ll afford. Getting preapproved for a mortgage will provide you with the utmost amount you’ll borrow and identify issues that require to be worked on early within the process. This helps you stick with homes within the right price range, and it’ll show potential Realtors (and sellers) that you’re a significant buyer. In competitive markets, you’ll need a preapproval letter so as for buyers to think about your offer.

This is a powerful way for the leader to neutralize the Pyramid Objection BEFORE it ever shows up for your home business network marketing work at home mlm.

FREE Social Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Twitter- 5 Ways to DOUBLE Your Twitter Followers in 10 Minutes a Day


mlm social media

MLM Twitter Tips for Home Business.

Do you use twitter for your home based business?

Are you an avid twitter marketer for your network marketing business?

How would you like to learn how to double your followers on twitter?

(Follow Doug On Twitter)

There is a blogger on Social Media Today that I love to read. His name is Brad Smith and he is REALLY good.

Here is a post that will rock your social world on twitter.


Social media doesn’t have to be time consuming.

But there’s no reason you have to check Twitter every hour. Too many people confuse busyness with effectiveness.

In fact, 10 minutes a day is all it takes to engage with others and grow your followers.

Here’s 5 easy things you can start using this week.



1. Do Less

You can’t always get better results with doing more.

So instead, try to do less but focus on the essential.

Your results will skyrocket if you set constraints, like setting a timer for 10 minutes per day, and establish accountability, with time tracking software like RescueTime.

Start by looking at your own daily routines and activities. You’re probably wasting hours surfing the net or hanging out on Twitter.

The opportunity cost of that time is huge. For example, instead of hanging out on another Twitter Chat, you should be doing this…


2. “Top-Down” Strategy

People think that social media is only about community management.

So they get on Twitter and tweet to an empty room, or try to interject or interrupt others in order to “engage the conversation“.

That’s a really ineffective use of your time.

A better strategy is to put yourself in a position where others want to contact you .


  • Offer to speak for free to local organizations
  • Contribute guest content to other websites
  • Help a nonprofit with their social media strategy
  • Create a free tool, plugin, or theme and email it to relevant bloggers
  • Run a promotion with another brand or blog

The possibilities are only limited to your imagination. But every time the goal is to give freely to people who have influence or control over communities of people.


3. Automate

One of the best things about internet marketing is the tools that help you automate different processes. These tools also help you appear really active.

They will send out a consistent stream of updates through-out the day, night and weekend, giving the appearance that you’re always “staying engaged”. Here are two of my favorites.

Import the Tweet Old Post WordPress plugin to automatically send out posts from your archives. You can set up the time frequency, add hashtags, or even a brief message before or after each update. You can also specify a date range, so people will only get posts from the past 3 months, or posts from a year ago.

Another useful tool is Twitterfeed, which will send out Tweets automatically from RSS feeds you enter. So you can load your own fee, or your favorite blogs, and it will take care of the work for you.


4. Curate

Curating other people’s content helps you build thought leadership and can also create reciprocity. And again, there are a variety of tools that make this process instant and pain-free.

Start by grabbing a collection of your favorite blogs and loading them into a RSS reader like Google Reader.

Now you can quickly scan the headlines each day and pick out the best articles to share with everyone else. Then use Timely or Buffer to schedule these updates through-out the day. These tools also help you optimize each update to go out at the best times of the day. That means greater visibility, increased reach, and more click-throughs.

Add a few thoughts to each to personalize your message and show off your personality. Because people on Twitter don’t just want to see your links, they want to know why you like it. Then they can emotionally connect with your point of view and leave their own comment.


5. Engage

You’ve removed a lot of the time consuming aspects of Twitter in the first four steps.

What’s left is the important part – engaging with other people.

But when you start following hundreds of people, your home stream quickly becomes useless. So start creating Private Lists for the important people you want to connect and stay in touch with. For example, you can have one for “Bloggers & Journalists”, one for “Customers/Clients”, one for “Friends” and another for “Influencers”.

Now every time you login, you’ll immediately know what’s going on in your important circle of contacts.

And you can spend the bulk of your time communicating and using Twitter for the reason it was created – connecting with other people.

These are 5 Powerful ways to double your following on twitter for your mlm network marketing home business!

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Powet- over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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Social Media MLM – Do YOU know the 5 CRUCIAL Social Recruiting Questions?

mlm training

mlm network marketing

Social Media Recruiting MLM.

Do YOU know the 5 Social Recruiting Questions for your home business?

Do you USE social media to recruit in your network marketing business?

How would it help your mlm business and social recruiting to know them?

In Social Recruiting, it is not enough to understand about the 4 personality types as far  as where they are in social media. You must understand what we call “The 5 Social Recruiting Questions.”


Defining a starting point is critical. In anything you do. That means whether it is a book, movie, song, business, or recruit. This will give you a point that you can look at and know where you are going from there.

NOTE: You cannot change what you are not aware of. And you cannot be aware of what has no defined starting point. And if you have a starting point in Social Recruiting, and then that place points to more powerful and magnetic questions, you can become a social recruiting magnet.

So many people are on social media trying to recruit candidates but yet do not know the
questions that need to be asked.

Yes, there are the typical questions that everyone seems to ask on social media. We all know
what they are.

But we are talking about is something different. What we are talking about are basic FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS that MUST BE ASKED before you EVEN BEGIN Social Recruiting.

 These are the questions that will determine pretty much everything else that is said and
done in your Social Recruiting.

I call this “prep work.”

  You are PREPARING for Success and engaging the candidate so their response is more positive than most, so your results are more powerful than most.

The Number One Corporate Recruiter for a National Firm  says, “These 5 questions are what we asked on a weekly basis. They could almost be considered a social blueprint consisting of questions. These questions put a real powerful Social Recruiting blueprint together right before your eyes in what you need to focus on. Of course that is just the basic starting point, but they do get to the CORE of what Social Recruiting is truly all about. If a person
who is recruiting in social media is honest with these questions, you can
recruit almost anywhere you go in social media.”

The biggest mistake that is made at the very beginning in Social Recruiting is that most
people are “Recruiting Blind.”

They do not SEE what is in front of them as they do not know what to look for and because they do not know what to look for they try and recruit anyone that is willing to talk to them. But that creates a frustrating and discouraging situation.

The person you are talking to and looking to recruit may just be a friendly person who really
has not interest in changing jobs. They may be a socializer who likes to use social media for social reasons and enjoys the social atmosphere. And of course, they may be friendly because they may be trying to recruit you!

You cannot be blind when recruiting.

You must see what is out in front of you and be aware of who is a REAL candidate and who is only a social participant.

What are the 5 Social Recruiting Questions?


It al starts with who YOU are looking for. If you cannot define that person or candidate, then you will never find them.

The odds of finding who you are looking for in Social Recruiting go up exponentially if you
KNOW who are looking for, the traits they need to have, the skill set required, and have all of that written down for total clarity.

  • Are you looking for a mom?
  • Are you looking for a Leader?
  • Are you looking for someone who is unemployed?
  • Are you looking for someone dissatisfied?
  • Are you looking for a good communicator?
  • Are you looking for an energetic person?
  • Are you looking for someone who is knowledgeable
    already about network marketing?
  • Are you looking for someone already that  a business?

Define the Targets.

What traits do you want them to have? LIST THEM.

What would the DREAM Candidate look like if you could find them?  Write it DOWN-DESCRIBE the person.

What would be considered unacceptable? Who would you have to walk away from?

What would be the ONE THING that would make a candidate PERFECT?

What can you see you and the candidate doing together, successfully? What would that Success look like?

Would they have what we call the “First PLACE Traits” of a True Winner?




Consistent Communicator.

Energetic and Encourager.

This is the first Question that you must ask in social media recruiting for your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE mp3 download “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in  Network Marketing NO ONE Will Tell YOU!”

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Social Media- Recruiting the “Closed” MLM Prospect into Your Business

MLM Social Media Recruiting.

Are You aware of the “Closed” personality you will run up against in social media recruiting for your home based business?

Do you  know the traits and how to identify them for your mlm business?

Would you like to know how to handle them and what to do in your network marketing business?

Leave me alone.

That is the Closed. Unlike the Looker, Open and Sparker, the Closed are not even willing to
look or listen to anything you have.


Several reasons and they all vary:

1.    Happy where they are.

2.   Apathetic.

3.   Little Ambition.

4.   Family Culture.

5.   Misunderstandings about network marketing.

6.  Past experiences.

7.   Not in their DNA.

8.   Too busy.

9.   Too lazy.

 10. Their lifestyle is all they think they will ever have.

 Many people in my profession think that these folks are simply playing hard to get.

They actually are not.

They just do not get it – and refuse to.

They like their life as is, and do not want any change in it. They not only resist the
thought of change, but it sometimes can get angry if you try to push change on them. A change in life may as well be poison to them.

They are closed to any new ideas that include changing their life in any way. This includes career and job placement. And they see themselves pretty much in the same job all their life. They grew up for the most part in that environment and will remain there.

The Motto of the Closed.

The motto  of the Closed is “Tradition is my ONLY Condition.”

They LOVE what has worked in the past as far as income, career, and employment and are welded to that traditional philosophy of life. Non-traditional things in life upset their apple cart and they avoid most of them.

The Paradox.

Interestingly enough, many Closed do enjoy non-traditional technologies- like iphones,
texting, virtual worlds, mobile movies, and social media. It is quite a paradox. Why people who cling to the traditional ways of career and income and refuse to even consider anything new, embrace social media and technology like droid G4 phones.

.It does not really make sense, but it is the way it is.

What can you do with the Closed?

Talk to them about your product. Many times, they will at least
want some free information.

Talk to them about people they know. Often, the Closed will refer prospects to you. They want to get themselves off the hook so they point you in a different direction with a different person.

Talk to them about traditional
. That is their language when it comes to living life. Talk about what they feel comfortable with and possibly lead them to a new idea about a product.

Find out what they do after work.  The Closed do many things after work- all
traditional. Find out what they do and then ask them what they enjoy about it
and try and learn about it from them. That will draw them closer in.

Connect with them on hobbies or beliefs. The Closed many times have traditional hobbies. Find out what their hobby is, and then ask about it and learn about it. It actually is NOT a waste of time talking to these folks about what you do for a living. They may know who you are looking for. Many Closed say, “Oh, you should talk to my brother in law.
He would be interested in something like that.”

 Talk to them about their job and why it is so wonderful. They LOVE talking about what is comfortable and traditional. Many Closed are unhappy with their jobs, but they refuse to change. If they say they do not like their job ask them if they know other people who feel the same way. Get their names and contact information.

A Numnber One Corporate Recruiter Nationwide for a Recruiting Firm says,
“The Closed have proven over time not to be worth pursuing that much for career placement or any kind of change-including income as well. I have talked with hundreds of Closed folks that were highly qualified for a job, had all the right skill sets, experience, and education, and had an amazing job placement for them. But were very content with where they were and were closed to talking.

 They were too busy living their life to ever consider improving their life with a better job or more income. They just like the way their life is. And there is nothing wrong with that. But you must learn to spot them and it is pretty easy to do in social media. We developed a certain process or focus, that when we saw certain words in a person’s profile, or a particular type of photograph on their site, or even the way they comment on blogs or facebook updates, we knew they were Closed and we were rarely wrong.

 There were 7 revealing words and phrases that we learned, that revealed they were probably Closed at looking at any change. It saved us a lot of time, and a lot of headaches. Many recruiters today are wasting their valuable time with people that simply have no interest. I am sure that it is the same way in the home business profession as well.”

This is how you handle and can eventually recruit the “Closed prospect” for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Social Media- Six Secrets of Twitter for Home Business Success

mlm twitter

mlm twitter

Social Media MLM Twitter.

Do YOU use twitter for your home business?

Do you KNOW how to use it Powerfully and make it work for you and your network marketing business?
How do YOU use in in your mlm efforts?
Twitter seems to attract just about every kind of person, and from every walk of life.
Some people GET twitter and others do not. I love twitter, and think the site can really create some great exposure for you.
Many folks use twitter in many ways. Some use it occasionally and other use it all day. And it both works, and works well.
Twitter is a “micro blogging” site, and like others, you can send a message to your followers in 140 characters. That forces you to SHRINK your message to a bite size piece of communication
There are 6 ways to help build business with twitter:
1) Drive people to your blog.
2) Drive people to your website.
3) Drive people to your Podcast.
4) Brand yourself repeatedly.
5) Drive people to your internet webinar/ Conference call / internet TV cast.
6) Drive people to your “meet up.” 
After you have been on twitter for a while, you will make connections and then friends that can help introduce people to you that can use your products or business.
Develop “Doorways.”
These are people on twitter that can lead to someone else or something else. That alone can MULTIPLY your exposure and success in your mlm business.
Doorways lead to other doorways. And doorways always can OPEN new possibilities that can lead to new mlm business.
Twitter can open thousands of doors if done right. With over 200 million people on twitter, you can connect with a TON of prospects for your home based business.
Lets cover these briefly:
1) Drive people to your blog.
You can ask a question or state something that can compel people to click on your url to your blog tweet.
2) Drive people to your website.
You can ask someone to please give you their opinion on it as far as attraction or functionality.
3) Drive people to your Podcast.
You can give a FREE download to a podcast and get a lot of traffic.
4) Brand yourself repeatedly.
Use the same slogan, names, or themes in all you do. This will brand you well on twitter.
5) Drive people to your internet webinar/ Conference call / internet TV cast.
“Now broadcasting LIVE-join in the fun!” This can promote what you are doing NOW and drive traffic to your event.
6) Drive people to your “meet up.”
Tweet or Direct Message about local meet ups. Tweet even DURING the tweet up and then after wards as well to tell of the fun and who you met.
These are 6 ways to create a Powerful Twitter Success in your network marketing home based business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012 all rights reserved
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MLM Training- The Body Language of THE EYES when Recruiting

mlm body Language

mlm network marketing

MLM Training on Eyes in Body Language.

How much do you understand about the EYES and Body language when recruiting for your home based business?

How would THAT impact your network marketing business?

Would knowing how to READ the EYES as well as SET YOUR EYES help you in your mlm recruiting?

The eyes are said to be “The gateway to the soul.” The eyes TELL a STORY every time you look into them. They are the “Great Communicators” that work either FOR YOU…

Or against you.

What are YOURS DOING when you are recruiting someone face to face?

Even when you are meeting people on Skype or on a Google Hangout, what are YOUR EYES saying and he prospects as well?

Lets take a look at Body Language and….

The Eyes when Recruiting.

Obviously, looking at someone means showing interest in that person, and showing interest is a giant step forward in making the right impression. Showing Interest is showing YOU CARE about learning about the person. (Remember, each of us is our own favorite subject!)

When recruiting in mlm or a home business, your aim should be to stay with a calm, steady, and non-threatening gaze. It is easy to mismanage this, and so you may have to practice a bit to overcome the common hurdles in this area.

Looking Away from the Prospect.

Looking away from the prospect for long periods while he is talking, closing your eyes while being addressed, repeatedly shifting focus from the subject to some other point: These are likely to leave the wrong impression. Recruiting is making it ALL ABOUT being attentive to the prospect.

Of course, there is a big difference between looking and staring at someone!

Rather than looking the prospect straight-on at all times, create a mental triangle incorporating both eyes and the mouth; your eyes will follow a natural, continuous path along the three points.

Maintain this approach for roughly three-quarters of the time; you can break your gaze to look at the prospect’s hands as points are emphasized, or to refer to your note pad.

These techniques will allow you to leave the impression that you are attentive, sincere, and committed. Staring will only send the message that you are aggressive or have an agenda.

Be wary of breaking eye contact too abruptly, and shifting your focus in ways that will disrupt the atmosphere of professionalism.

Examining the prospect’s below the shoulders, is a sign of over familiarity. (This is an especially important point to keep in mind when you are interviewing by someone of the opposite sex.)

The eyebrows send a message as well.

Under stress, one’s eyebrows may wrinkle; as we have seen, this sends a negative signal about our ability to handle challenges in the business world.  YOU DO NOT wrinkle your eyebrows when recruiting.


The best advice on this score is simply to take a deep breath and collect yourself. Most of the tension that people feel when meeting with a prospect has to do with anxiety about how to respond or what questions to ask.

Practice responses and recruiting tactics and asking recruiting questions and relax, you will do a awesome and CRUSH the recruiting interview.

The eyes are two of the most powerful recruiting tools. Watch your prospect’s eyes and make sure YOU are saying you are a LEADER in your home business mlm.

FREE Social Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- 9 Success Signals for a Powerful First Impression



Sending Success Signals for a GREAT First Impression.

Are you aware that there are “Success Signals” that you can display that PULL people towards you and your home business?

Are you sending the WRONG signals when you are networking for your network marketing business?

How can you display these signals for your mlm business?

Learn them.

If you take the time to learn these Success Signals, you will find that they will work for you in any and all situations.

There are three Success Signal Rules:

a. It is ALL about the perception of Leadership and Power in your Presence.

b. It is about the Signals that you are SENDING – not just talking.

c. Signals must be CONSISTENT- and not timid or hesitant.

Prospects when Networking will “size you up” when you walk over, so make a GREAT first impression by the right Success Signals that they will see from you.

What are the Nine Success Signals for networking for your home based business?

The Nine Signals for Success

So far we have focused primarily on the pitfalls to avoid; but what messages should be sent, and how?
Here are nine general suggestions on good body language for any networking situation or conversation.

1. Walk slowly, deliberately, and tall upon entering the room.

2. On greeting the interviewer, give (and, hopefully, receive) a friendly “eyebrow flash”:

That brief, slight raising of the brows that calls  attention to the face, encourages eye contact, and (when accompanied by a  natural smile) sends the strong positive signal that the conversation has  gotten off to a good start.

3. Use mirroring techniques. In other words, make an effort — subtly!

To reproduce the positive signals your prospect sends. (Of course,  you should never mirror negative body signals.) Say the prospect leans   forward to make a point; a few moments later, you lean forward slightly in  order to hear better.

Say the prospect leans back and laughs; you  “laugh beneath” the prospects’ laughter, taking care not to overwhelm  your partner by using an inappropriate volume level. This technique may  seem contrived at first, but you will learn that it is far from that, if only you experiment a little.

4. Maintain a naturally alert head position; keep your head up and  your eyes front at all times.

5. Remember to avert your gaze from time to time so as to avoid the  impression that you are staring;

when you do so, look confidently and  calmly to the right or left; never look down.

6. Do not hurry any movement.

7. Relax with every breath.

8. Keep a Pace when Speaking and talk with Authority.

9. When leaving, leave with a smile and thank everyone for their time and then disappear.

These are Nine Success Signals that you can send to increase the power of your first impression in your mlm home business.

FREE Social Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Article Marketing- The Top 10 Most Read / Clicked On Types of Articles

mlm network marketing

mlm home business

MLM Article Marketing Training.

Do you write articles for your mlm home business?

Do you post on your blog or do you even have a blog for your network marketing business?

How would you like to know the top 10 most clicked on or read article types that are guaranteed to drive traffic to your website for your home based business?

I will admit…I LOVE to write.

Some people do videos, and I do as well. Some people prefer podcasts and I have done that as well. But writing is my passion when it comes to social media communication.

I have a TON of recorded videos on this website as well as 9 free hour long webinars. I did a recent post on the 14 Best Ways to Maximize your Youtube Visibility.

But I still LOVE to write.

Yes, I know….Google after the panda slap basically downgraded all articles and article websites to barely getting indexed. But that does not mean that you cannot drive traffic to your site. There are still TENS of MILLIONS of people daily on the article directory sites and they can send  you some serious traffic.

Yes I co founded the Home Business Radio Network. Yes, that is audio and not writing.

But my PASSION is writing.

How about you?

Do YOU Like to craft a good article or post and rock the social sphere with content?

There is an art to ENGAGING the reader when you write, no doubt and  I have studied the best of the best and have learned a LOT from the best.

I have found over the years and after writing  20 ebooks and over 1200 articles that people are looking for something and there is a secret:

Write about what people are searching for.

And this includes the TYPES of articles and posts that you write.

There arr 10 types of posts / articles that get read the most. if you stay within these 10 types of articles or the “framework” of the articles, you will get a LOT more read and passed along.

If you go throughout my posts on PassionFire, you will find most articles if not all, fall into one of the 10 types listed below.

(Lists are one of the most popular types of articles!)

So what are the 10 types of Articles that are read the most and clicked on?

Articles: Most Popular types:

 1. Lists.

Simply, LISTS RULE in the article marketing and article posting world. Lists like “The Top 10…” “The 5 Biggest Mistakes…” etc.

2. How To’s.

How To’s are the most searched business terms in any profession. People want to know how to DO things and BE somebody in Leadership, business, and life.

3. Little Known information.

This is GOLD. Tell them something VALUABLE that most people do not know.

4. Humor.

Everyone loves a good laugh. Use this though sparingly as it can hurt you if the story is not really funny.

5. Stories.

People LOVE to hear inspirational stories as well as stories of Success, Love, Family, faith, and many other types. Business and Marketing Success stories are loved as well.

6. Solution Focused Help.

SOLUTION Based Writing will ALWAYS get passed along. Love this.

7. Encouraging.

Articles that are encouraging are GOLD as well. A good word is season is sweet to the soul!

8. Motivating.

People LOVE to be jacked up, juiced up, and FIRED UP! Motivate and watch your article go viral.

9. I can relate to THAT.

Any story or article that people can RELATE TO will be parsed along as well.

10. Quick Tips.

People are “micro focused” as we live in a “sound byte” world. Quick tips are rocking hot and read all the time and quickly.

These are the Top 10 most read and passed along article types in the mlm network marketing home business!

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- The Rise of the Home Business Owner from Ray Higdon




Here is a GREAT post from my buddy Ray Higdon. This is REALLY hot and has a great message that I believe needs to get OUT!

Rock the HOUSE RAY!

The Rise of the Home Business Owner

Home Business OwnerThere is a global shift occurring that you should be aware of. It is permeating every facet of society. No longer is it a rumor or a underground society that is kept in the corner. It’s mainstream and everyone is bearing witness. It is, The Rise of the Home Business Owner.

Why Most Fear the Home Business Owner

The successful Home Business Owner flies in the face of the American educational system created by people like Rockefeller and Morgan to have more competent workers. If more people realize that schooling is for one purpose, and one purpose only (to make you a better employee) then the veil lifted may reveal other common fallacies around employment, investing and the media.

Yesterday I spoke at a local chamber event. A guy came up to me before the meeting started and said “Network Marketing huh?” with a smirk and sneer on his face. Once he learned that I have created a high multiple 6 figure income with network marketing, a multiple 6 figure income with online marketing and a 6 figure income for my coaching and speaking business, never having finished college and failing English 4 in High School, he handed me his card and asked me to contact him…

There is no hiding the Home Business Owner any longer

Years ago, before the Internet, the family next to you could be making $30,000-$100,000 a month with their home business and you would never know it. To make you feel more relax while doing business at home just visit their website for some tips and advice. Top network marketers were legends within their companies, some making millions, and were unknown outside their company. There are leaders within Network Marketing that have been making 20 million+ a year for over 20 years that you would ONLY know their name IF you were in that company.

The Internet chipped the veil. Social Media smashed it. Home Business Owner

Now once-confident employees are forced to witness the lifestyles of the enlightened. Forced to see the home business owner taking their kids on more vacations, spending more time with loved ones and CHOOSING how they spend their time. Clinging to degrees and 3-6% annual increases knowing each increase also increases the demands of their company, the light at the end of the tunnel called retirement is getting dimmer and dimmer…

You may have seen earlier why I think the trend will get even hotter…

The Faces of the New Soldiers

They don’t just punch a clock and go home, drink a beer and watch the electronic income reducer. They attend webinars, read books, and travel to empowering events. They don’t watch the clock for 5?o’clock to show up so they can grab a beer and talk about sports, they look forward to 5?o’clock to get home to work on their dreams. Most of this new elite still have jobs but that is NOT their life. Their life is focused on becoming better so they can leave those jobs and fulltime work from home.

They are new soldiers because they have not reached their goals yet but they have decided to wage war on mediocrity. Wage war on being a cubicle slave. Wage war on having to ask permission to do anything. Wage war on minding a boss that doesn’t give a shit about them. They have decided, to wage war. This war is not one of physical violence but of mental clarity, focus and determination to ESCAPE MEDIOCRITY.

There is a rising…are you part of it?

If you are a part of it, share this message. Let the light permeate the darkness. Let them all see you know a better way, a way where YOU can be in control, a way where YOU are the designer of your dreams. Let them see.

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Ray Higdon

MLM Training- THIS WOULD HAPPEN if YOU Only Talked to 2 People a DAY?



MLM Recruiting Tips

Is talking to 2 people a day hard for you and your home business?

Would talking to 2 people on social sites or face to face be possible in your network marketing business?

Would you like to know what would happen if you did talk to 2 people a day to your mlm business?

Consistency is the key- offline or online. You MUST be consistent in your reaching out to people.

Many people are NOT consistent as they do not understand what could happen if they DID talk to 2 people a day.

It would explode your business.

What if you were not any good at  network marketing?

Well, I believe you would be shocked at the success you could have even if you are no that good at a home based business or recruiting for one.

What would 2 people a day do for you?

“What if I only talked to 2 people a day?”
That would be 2 people a day for 30 days in a month:

2 X 30 = 60 people a month

That would be 60 people a month for 12 months”

60 X 12 = 720 prospect you have talked to a year.

WHAT IF 20% became customers?  What if 80 % of them told you NO?

That would still yield you 144 customers. (WOW!)

What if 95%  of them told you NO as far as they business and ONLY 5% actually became distributors:

That would yield you 36 NEW distributors. (That is 3 a month with still 95% telling you NO!)

What If every customer gave you 2 referrals?  That would yield you GET THIS:

280 referrals!

What is only half of this happened? What if you only got only 10% customers and only 2.5% became distributors?
Your business would STILL be ROCKING in your mlm network marketing recruiting!
Talk to 2 a day folks- online or offline! Then get ready for an EXPLOSION in your business that only can happen with consistent conversations with people about your mlm network marketing home based business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012 all rights reserved
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