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MLM Social Media- How to Recruit the “SPARKERS” in Social Media

mlm social media

social media mlm

Social Media MLM Tips.

How would you like to recruit some of the best prospects in social media for your home business?

What would you do with ONE of the RIGHT ONES on social media that rarely comes along?

What would you do to get their attention for your mlm business?

This post is all about one of the most powerful types of prospects in social media you can recruit:


The SPARKERS are people that are not really Looking or Open, but they either see or hear about something that happens to “spark” their interest.

The Sparkers are highly intuitive people many times. Their instincts kick in when they see something, hear something, or even sense something. They pay attention to everything. They read other people’s posts and view a lot of videos.


Where the Lookers are Destination focused, and the Open are Education focused, the
Sparkers are Activation focused.

Sparkers are content where they are, but if their interest is possibly “activated” or
sparked by a video, post, tweet, webinar invite, or even an ebook, they will move towards being open and even looking at new options that have activated their interests. Many times, the Sparker did not even know they would be interested in what has caught
their attention.

 It could be a new idea for a nutrition or skin care product. It could be a new idea as far
as marketing. It could be a new idea or thought on working from home, anti
aging, weight loss, or social media marketing. You just never really know until
they “spark.”

The traits of a Sparker are:

Happy where they are.


Working hard at their career.

Somewhat Ambitious.

Somewhat Aware of social surroundings.

Focused on living their life.

“White picket fence” mentality.

Security oriented.

Values Tradition.

Spends time doing the same things.

Very social.

Extremely curious when “sparked.”

Extremely Loyal-even to a fault.

 How do you recognize a “Sparker” on social sites?

 You don’t. You have to wait until they “light up” and ask for more information about a message you cast forth in social media.

It is not easy to try and seek out Sparkers, as they could be anywhere and everywhere. But some of the best candidates that Scott ever found were Sparkers. Once Sparkers are lit up about something, they stay lit up about an idea or a new job. Their fire rarely fades.

That is why Sparkers are a GOLD MINE for a network marketing professional. They are highly recruit-able if their interests have been highly sparked.

How do you “PULL” these types to you on social sites?

Like fishing, you must “cast out the line” of messages, posts, videos, tweets, updates, comments, audios, photographs, blogs, social mail,  and direct messages with varying types of interesting information and messages, and wait for them to light up. And when they do- you will know it. To know more visit pruittvillefarms .

The Sparkers are the “Lighters” in Social Recruiting.

They are waiting for something to “light up” their attention and then interests. They
are “highly flammable” when “ignited” by a great idea, great message, little known information, a new thought, among many other possibilities. They are not looking for it, but when something activates their attention and then interests, they move towards it and CONNECT with it in a powerful way as they can be highly emotional.

The top National Recruiter for a head hunting firm that has used social media to become number one in the nation  says, “Sparkers are a hidden gold mine. I have recruited a LOT of Sparkers off of social sites. It took a while to figure out how to get their attention. But once we put discovered some powerful initial approaches -what we call Igniters- to get their attention, we hit a gold mine. Sparker’s have a lifestyle language of ‘life is good- not looking to change- but WOW! Now THIS is Interesting! I have got to check this out!’

 If you can get their attention, and most do not know how, you generally keep it. They usually are not even aware to the possibility of change as they like their life just as it is. But when that one thing sparks their interest, they follow that line of connection until it proves to be of little Value to their life. They seem to have a ‘social radar’ that picks up on new ideas and information that many
miss. It is quite intriguing how they work sometimes. It was almost like going
fishing. You put enough lines out in the social networking water, a Sparker
WILL show up most every time.

 And Sparkers let their friends know what they have discovered- and I mean ALL their friends. I was referred many times to other possible candidates for employment by Sparkers, without even asking for it. That is just who they are. That is why a home business owner MUST be visible online. You never know who will be reading or watching your messages, and say ‘well now isn’t that interesting?’ And bring a lot of folks to take a look at your business.”

How do you communicate with Sparkers?

With Hot Opening Phrases on tweets, posts, updates, messages, articles, videos, invites
– Like:

“Did you KNOW…?

“Most are NOT Aware…”

“I cannot believe this…”

“You have GOT to read this…”

“This video is a MUST SEE…”

And when you comment on videos and posts, make sure that you let the conversation
include “I cannot believe I ran across this…”

That alone could get a Sparker’s attention for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c)n 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Social Media- The “OPEN” Social Media Prospect and How To Recruit Them

mlm social media

home business social media

MLM Social Media prospecting.

Do you understand the OPEN Type of Social Media MLM prospect?

What if you could FIND them and the RECRUIT them into your home business?

Would that help you in your mlm social media efforts?


The OPEN are just that. They are OPEN to new possibilities, but not necessarily aggressively looking for a new career or business. They LOVE to learn about new options, and learn how they would impact their future.

It is NOT that they are not interested in change or doing better. They are. They are just not in the “NOW Gear” as the Lookers are.

The Open are NOT unhappy with where they are as far as career or employment. Many are content. But yet they know and sense that there is MORE in life and are open to learning about different options.

This includes even a part time business possibility.

They are for the most part very pleasant to talk to. They do communicate on social sites with an eye to possibilities for their future.

You can find them attending webinars and conference calls to learn about things that might be educational for them and offer new ideas that may help them.

That is one of the main differences between the Looker and the Open:

Lookers are focused on LEAVING. The Open are focused on LEARNING.

One is focused on a Destination and the other more on Education.

The Looker is looking to leave and find a new career path.

They are open to attending a webinar or conference call, but they have a real sense of urgency.

The Open are open to learning about a new career or opportunity and loves to view videos as well as attend webinars to learn. They move at their own pace and enjoy the

The Open are “gatherers of information” to assess new ideas as well as new options and information. They LOVE trying samples and getting free things. They are highly recruit-able
if they find what “feels” right to them.

And the Open will always want COMPLETE information prior to moving to a new career or business. Most are NOT in a rush.

Traits of the OPEN:

Education focused-Loves new information.

Wants to do better-eventually.

Patient – for now.

Happy with where they are, but could be happier.

Focused on Emotional Connection.

Ambitious, but at their pace.

Leader, but will follow.

Highly Curious.

Communicates at a pace slower than a Looker.

Does NOT want to be hyped.

Needs strong Leadership.

Totally VALUE based to move them.

VERY Relationship based.

 How do you recognize the Open when they appear?

Look for them on webinars.

Look for them on LinkedIn Discussion groups.

Look for them on facebook groups.

Look for their questions on twitter.

Look for their questions DURING a webinar.

Look for them at LIVE social events.

Look for them on

The number one corporate recruiter for a national recruiting company says, “Many people totally blow it with trying to communicate with the Open. They do not understand their ‘lifestyle language.’

All 4 types have their own lifestyle language. The Looker has a bottom line- ‘let’s get it said- is this what I am looking for’ language. The Open have a ‘let’s
learn about it and then see how it FEELS’ language. One language is focused on how it LOOKS according to their needs, and one is focused on how it FEELS. Both are great candidates for new options in their career, but timing and speed appears to be the main differences. Both are in social media daily, and can be
connected to IF approached correctly.”

The Open are the “GRAZERS” in Social Recruiting. They “graze” daily on new information and education. They “graze” daily on webinars, conference calls, videos learning about new things and options. They are very social and love NEW connections on social media. They
are Connectors and Responders.

They are always commenting on how much they learned with a video, article, post, or audio podcast. They love the power of making new friends in social media. And most of the friends they have they are loyal to, and their friends are loyal to them.

The Open are more RELATIONSHIP based where the Lookers are more RESULTS
based with their social activities.

HINT: Scott says, “Tell the Open you are looking for people who are open to learning about how to do better in life and partnering with you- to help others do the same thing.”

That alone will get their attention.

This is how you recruit and talk to the Open Social Media Type of Prospect in social media network marketing for your home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- Do YOU Come across like a Professional or Amateur?

mlm training

mlm training

MLM Training on Professionalism.

Do you practice professionalism in your home based business?

Are you looking profressional in your business image for your mlm business?

Would you consider yourself a professional and does your demeanor show it?

The world of network marketing and home business is demanding more and more that we come across like a professional. Many distributors do not. And that can cost you a LOT in your mlm recruiting efforts.


We all are looking for something that will explode your home business:


There are MANY similarities to corporate recruiting and home business recruiting. The engagement may be different, but the results are still the same focus in our home business effrots..The same goes for social media recruiting. Both corporate recruiting and home business recruiting have similar processes and both want the same thing:

Locating HIGH QUALITY TALENT for the corporation, as well as a good company for the candidate- that both will work out well in the future.

Is that not really what a network marketer does?

They want to locate high quality talent for their business, as well as make sure
that their business is a long term fit for the prospect. High quality talent for a home business GUARANTEES that  will have the greatest chance for Success.

So many times though, the exact opposite is true.

The home business recruiter is looking for ANYONE WITH A PULSE to recruit and will settle for most anyone with a BREATH. If a weak candidate will listen to their presentation, they will settle for that candidate.

And because of that, they recruit lower quality, ill fitting prospects into their business
that do not work, or even stay. They would have been better suited as only customers, which those alone are HIGHLY VALUABLE in a home business.

What would happen if a corporate recruiter approached their career that way?

Think about it…

What would their results be?

Not much.

What would their reputation be?

Not much.

Would they be able to keep their corporate clients happy?

Not much.

Would they have retention in their candidate selection?

Not much.

Would they be a corporate recruiter for long?

 Not much longer.

That is the same reason why that so many home business professionals do not create the Success they desire. They are NOT approaching their business at the level of professionalism, and the level of quality talent that they need to approach it.

And they end up with… NOT MUCH.

It is the same with Social Media Recruiting folks.

A Home business professional MUST approach their efforts with the right focus and philosophy, professional mind set, as well as effective strategies.

You MUST have the right professional approach, image, words, attitude, and demeanor. These things will help accelerate your home business success for your mlm network marketing business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Prospecting- 2 Powerful Ways to RELATE to Your Cold Market Prospect


home business mlm

MLM Cold Calling Prospecting.

Do you find RELATING and CONNECTING to your mlm prospects difficult in your network marketing home business?

Are you often wondering why they simply say, “Not for Me?”

Are you open to discovering some secrets to relating to your home business prospect that have prove to work on tens of thousands of prospects?

I made about 100,000 dials in a 14 year period and that is not only a lot of dials, but also talking to a lot of people that answered.

Out of the 100,000 dials, I believe I must have talked to about 20,000 cold market leads.  THAT is a lot of conversation and a lot of folks that you must relate to. Sometimes it went better than others times, but usually when I would connect to the prospect, it went pretty good.

We put together a couple of Cold Market Relating systems and tactics that made calling cold market prospects so much easier.


Here is a Cold Calling MLM Prospecting secret:

It is easier to recruit a friend then a stranger.

And that is what we focused on. Our goal was not to recruit the prospect, but PULL THEM towards us, and then we would talk to them about the details of our business.

It worked and worked amazing.

What did we do?

Here are 2 powerful strategies we used on Connecting and Relating to our Cold market mlm prospects:

Cold Market Conversation PowerTalk-  The F.L.O.S.S. Secret.

We used this relentlessly, as it focuses on what a home business network marketer needs in order to know where the “Connection Points” are to connect to the mlm cold market prospect.

Ask about them in this order:

“Tell me about your…”

F = Family.  (Ask about their family if they have one-this can show commitment.)
L = Live.  (Find out where they live and if they are a homeowner, as this can show long -term debt and financial responsibility. “Where do you live?” or “I see you live in…”)
O = Occupation.  (What they do for a living and how long-this can show stability. “Just curious- are you employed?”)
S = Sales and Marketing.  (Find out if they have been in sales before-this can show experience. “Have you ever been in sales and marketing before?”)
S = See yourself in 6 months. (Find out where they want to be financially in 6 months-this can show ambition. “Where would you like to see yourself say 6 months or a year from now financially?”)

This tactic has been amazingly powerful for the cold calling coaching students I have done as well.

2.   The PowerTalk ™  — “Connection Phrases”

Here are some phrases that will help you relate to the prospect, as you want them to think, ‘They are like me!”

“I can relate to that!” – This shows that you can relate and connect to what they just said, and you have something in common.

“I was looking for the same thing.” – This shows that you have been where they are.

“I understand.” – There is no more powerful way to connect than to understand someone and what they are saying and endorsing it.

“I totally agree.”  Agreeing with someone is a powerful psychological connector and is soo easy to do.

“I have a friend that does that for a living.” This is a Powerful connector.

“You and I seem to be a lot alike.”  This one always seems to work without fail.

“You and I share a lot in common.”  This is a great way to say, “I am like you.” 

Those are 2 powerful MLM Cold Calling prospecting tactics for your network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Social Media- 5 Ways to get a Social Media Prospect’s Attention

mlm social media

mlm social media

MLM Social Media Tips.

What is the initial MAIN focus for people who initially get into Social Media Marketing for their home business?

What do people WANT to happen in network marketing social media?

What is their main FOCUS for their home based business?

If we were REALLY honest, we would say….

It’s to get people’s ATTENTION.

That is human nature and part of who we are. If you cannot get the prospect’s attention, then you are wasting your time. Attention is CRITICAL for social media success in recruiting in network marketing.

But there are certain things you can do to insure a smooth you get the RIGHT attention of the people.

Here is what we call “The MLM Social Media Attention Process:”

Awareness ? Connection ? Conversation? Attention.

This 4 step Attention Process can create a lot of exposure for you. It can get you out there quickly, and keep you out there is you do it right. It can help make a difference between a known brand….a POWERFUL brand.

Make sure your conversation is VALUABLE– and leaves people saying “Wow!”

1) Be Consistent.

In your Message and Method.
In your Profile and Process.
In your Value and Visibility.
In your Presence and Purpose.
In your Tweets and updates.
In your Efforts and Energy.
In your Posts and Performance.

2) Ask open questions and seek answers and solutions.

This can be a great attention getter on social sites. Ask, and then LISTEN. Then listen some more.
Put the other person in the role as an expert- and seek their advice initially. Do this DAILY.
Direct message people with a question to personalize the communication. Ask about their expertise and give them a time to shine!

3) Share information with people that most do not know about.

There is so much out on the web. So many people, so much content, so many videos, and so many blogs.
Find the little known information people do not know about on obscure blogs and posts, and videos. Be the Authority as well as a RESOURCE.
Do not send out the same information that has been out there. Be fresh-and new. Be unique. Say it in a different way. Say in a more powerful way. Say it in a way that forces the person to LISTEN. That alone will get their attention.
Take the time to do this-it pays off.

4) Recognize the contribution and conversation.

Attention is a hook. It is what hooks people to take a further look. Hook them with YOU.
What is YOUR hook? What is your PULLING power? What will people remember? You must pay attention to THEM- your prospect!
Here is a secret: Make sure that you appreciate and recognize the efforts of all in the conversation and all in the social circle.
And…Don’t placate, but admire. Don’t kiss up, but step up and say what is of Value. People do not like insincere flattery. They like compliments from the heart.

5) Come up with a phrase, hook, logo, icon, or avatar that is magnetic that WILL get Attention.

Many people have a phrase that they repeat over and over. Or some folks have a hook that works- like copyblogger. Brian has a great hook. Or a logo that is unforgettable. Or an avatar of you that makes people take a second look. Something that will PULL THEIR EYEBALLS towards YOU.
That will not only get their attention- but also keep you  REMEMBERED!

These are 5 Powerful Ways to get a Prospects Attention in Social media for your mlm home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- How You Can Identify Call Reluctance and How to Get Rid of It


mlm network marketing

MLM Call Reluctance and how to stop it.

Do you know what stops most home business success?

Are you doing it in your network marketing or direct selling business?

What’s the number one killer of home business and marketing businesses?

After doing a lot of research on this topic called Call Reluctance in MLM and Home business, here is a clue:

It’s not price, competition, the economy, other people, media, advertising,  or even unwilling customers and mlm prospects.

It’s simply the unwillingness of the home business network marketing professional to go out and share their products, or even make calls to set appointments up to do that.

Research has shown that “as many as 80 percent of all marketing people who fail within their first year in home business do so because of not enough  prospecting and contacting activity.”

Consider this:

Marketing, online and offline  is at the core, a numbers game – but an EFFECTIVE numbers game at that,. If you contact enough mlm prospects or suspects, you’re bound to get some results and as an added bonus, learn from your mistakes.

A better mousetrap, better idea, or better software itself, doesn’t win recruits. Contacting prospects, asking good and magnetic questions, presenting powerful solutions and asking for the decision do capture many results and applications for your business.. 

Success is more based on how frequently you reach out to people who are willing and able to buy from you then anything else.

NOTE: Referrals have to start somewhere. Top home business and direct sales professionals had to initiate contacts when they first started in their business.  They’ve paid their dues along the way and successful ones do it daily.

Doing the best job at marketing and recruiting doesn’t always get the best rewards; those types of leads tend to go to people who promote themselves, their message on social media, internet recruiting with a message of power, and what they’ve done or what they can do.

But sometimes even the most highly competent home business professionals are afraid to go out and sell themselves as that is innate often after a certain amount of Nos.

The FEAR of Self Promotion.

This fear of self-promotion can cause varying degrees of damage to the home business network marketing  professional’s results.

Here are a few ways it can show up in your work and results:


Sally is a steady but not stellar network marketing performer.  In two days she’ll be presenting a presentation to a group at a luncheon.  She has worked over the presentation multiple times during the last week and is currently checking it again for spelling errors- AGAIN.  Next she’ll review her presentation ONE MORE TIME and write key points and notes on cards for further practice and rehearsal. She has to get it RIGHT!  It must be PERFECT!!  Obviously she’s too busy to go out and make other sales calls.

2. Hyper-professional.

Bill works hard to project the right image to his mlm and home business prospects.  He always looks well groomed and very professional, as do his materials and his automobile.  Today, as he goes out to prospect for new possibilities, he’ll stop and have his car washed inside and out to maintain that image, and since having a shuttered windshield does not look very professional he will also pay for a Windshield Replacement Quote to get it fixed. Then he vacuums it out – again. This, of course, is done at the expense of his prospecting activity.

3. Social self-consciousness:

The nature and pricing of Mary’s product requires that she make her first contact with the the right person with the right profession.  Shw wants to “Recruit Up” and build a team of business owners. She builds rapport with these people easily, yet somehow fails to say or do the right thing to get their attetnion. She then does a you turn and calls people that are broke. Mary’s form of  call reluctance is marked by an unwillingness to contact people in higher socio-economic levels and positions of authority.

4. Stage fright.

John knows his marketing products sell best by educating prospective buyers through free webinars and free seminars.  Although he’s watched the volume of his upline climb as they present webinar after webinar and seminar after seminar, he still continues to present his products via only one one one appointments , and one prospect at a time, and slinking away from group presentations online as well as offline.

What can YOU DO?

Fortunately there are specific steps you can take to identify and address call reluctance in your home business team.

1. Look closely at trends and tendencies. 

It’s fairly simple to see an overall lack of activity, which could indicate several forms of call reluctance.  Check for specifics such as follow-up on people already contacted, and referrals. When home business professionals avoid asking for and following through on referral opportunities, that is known as referral suicide.  Some will try to mask this condition by vigorously defending their position with statements such as, “Referrals don’t work that well for me, or—in my business/with my customers/in this industry.”

2. Observe during the actitons taken by the home business professional. 

What happened when they called someone? What happened when they contacted someone on facebook? what happened when it came time to close and ask for the prospect to ernroll?  Did your mlm professional shy away fro  asking?

Did you their upline or sponsor – or YOU-  have to ask for the enrollment or sale?

This reluctance to ask for the order ore for the enrollment  (more widely known as (yielder tendency) is common in network marketing and home business.

3. Check social media and telephone prospecting activity. 

If  reching out online to prospects or “dialing for dollars” is important to you or your  representatives, check on the frequency and quantity of contacting and calling.  Low levels indicate that call reluctance is probably at work, which can sabotage even the top networking professional with the most proven approach.

 Overcoming the enemy of Delay.

Here are some ways to deal with various forms of sales call reluctance:


A simple way to address this problem is simply by calling the home business professional in question and meeting them after a certain hour of the morning.  This puts an end to the seemingly endless preparation that takes the place of prospecting and contacting. get their computer and go online and start reaching out. Go and cold call businesses. Just GO.
Stage fright:

Make participation in Toastmasters International a requirement for team members who struggle with call reluctance.

Practice in addressing a group whose purpose is to help the person improve has made even the most fearful individual look forward to group presentations whether in home or bigger.


PDR = Practice Drill Rehearse. Role-playing is good practice in learning to ask the prospect or customer to enroll or purchase the products, making it easier to repeat that behavior when real chances to close are at hand.

These are some of the ways that you can address and cure call reluctance in network marketing mlm home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- 7 MORE Secrets to Re-purposing Your Content for Recruiting

mlm training

mlm training

MLM Re-purpose Content Training.

Are YOU ready for 7 more secret to re-purposing your content that you write for your network marketing home business?

Are YOU writing and not “Multiplying Your Message” in your business?

Are you not creating a Content Virus with your mlm home business blog content?

In a recent post, I wrote about 7 re-purposing secrets that will help you multiply your message. Here are 7 MORE re-purposing secrets that I believe will help multiply your message to new prospects as well as increase traffic to your website as well as business.

What are 7 MORE Re-purposing secret to your content?

1.  Podcast the Article.

Podcasting is a GREAT way to create another audio version of the article. BROADCAST it across the internet! There are many podcasting audio sites, and these sites are a way that can get your message and content put to a whole new audience.

The easiest way to podcast anything:

This site will not only teach you how to podcast but also where to syndicate it. Itunes is a great podcast site as well. Google podcast sites and get ready for a flood of traffic!

2. Put it out as an ebook.

Ebooks are a popular way to re-purpose content. They not only are a viral marketing monster, but also highly popular with the new kindles and nooks that are out there.
Making an is easy to do, especially with a PDF generator. You can get free ebook generators out on the internet.

You do not need a FANCY ebook- only one with GREAT content. House it on your blog and get your friends to help promote it as well. Give it away FREE as a way of building your list as well.

3. Newsletter.

Take your Content Asset and put it in a newsletter that people can then either subscribe to or you can send out to friends. This is a great way to Multiply Your message.

This will encourage a form of viral marketing if the content is REALLY hot. And if you have a subscription method for your newsletter, that makes it easier.

4. Do a Webinar with the Content of the Article.

Webinars are VERY popular today. VERY.They are focused education and trainings, and attendees can attend   in their pajamas. Webinars are not only a way to re-purpose your content, but also build your brand.

Here is a FREE service:

Check it out and see how you can execute this for your article.

5. Feature your Content on a BLOG.

If you do not have a BLOG for your content to help promote your business,  you are simply working in the stone age.  <grin> A blog today is a MUST as a blog is your online calling card and one of the most effective promotional tools available for your home mlm business.
Feature your content on your blog and you can get them set up for free:

6. Feature your Content in a Press Release Online.

Press Releases can really get your article and Content Asset EXPOSED Massively. It is a way to get FREE back links to your content as well. This can create MASSIVE exposure for your business as well as message.
And it can end up on Google as well on the front page as I have had many press releases on the front page of all search engines.
Here are 3 Free PR sites:

7. Feature your Content in a PDF Download that people can access.

This really makes your content VALUABLE. This will also allow you to promote the  information as a “Gift download” and this will build great goodwill as a professional.
PDFs are highly popular today and very versatile as a way to multiply your message and content across the social media sphere and the internet.
These are 7 MORE ways for re-purposing your content for your mlm network marketing home business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012 all rights reserved
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MLM Re-purposing Content tips.

How important is getting MAXIMUM Exposure for your content to you and your network marketing home business?

Do you know how to “Multiply your Message” online with your home business?

How would knowing these secrets of Multiplying your Content across the social media and web help your mlm business?

Some people call it “Re-purposing your Content.”

We call is “Multiplying Your Message!”

It is called “Exploding Your Exposure!”

We believe you can take a post, video, or audio and multiply the number of people beinbg exposed to it easily.

I do it all the time.

And if you GET what I am talking about today, you will find not only your message being multiplied, but also the MAGNETISM of your message being enhanced.

How do you Multiply Your Message and Explode Your Exposure?

You need to understand that your content is a multi-faceted and multi-focused SOCIAL ASSET! Yes, it is an ASSET in your business worth money and VALUE to you and your brand.

You need to start looking at your Content that you produce whether it is written articles or recorded video as a MAJOR Social Asset in social media and mobile media as well.

What do you do with Assets?

You PROTECT them.


And that is why that you need to Multiply Your Message beyond facebook or youtube. There are MANY ways to multiply your message, and you MUST embrace some of them to multiply your branding.

There are 7 Ways to Re-purpose Your Content Asset to BUILD MORE VALUE!

There are 4 Reasons you want to Re-purpose your Content Asset:


It is about SEO. Your Re-purposing Tactics are your “Partners.” People will link back to your content which will help your ranking on the search engines.

2. Multiplied Massive Exposure.

This is where you will find your message and content GOING VIRAL. This can only happen if you have the right exposure and people liking your content and delivery of your content.

3. Multi Channel Delivery of your Valued Asset!

You can deliver your content to many different places via different media, and different exposure vehicles which will increase your branding quickly.

4. MORE Website TRAFFIC!

This says it ALL. If people LIKE what you are doing and you offer your content in a variety of ways to experience it, you will be read and watched by a whole lot more people then just a single blog post.

1. Use ALL Media- Video, Audio, Written, books, nooks, kindle and more.

If you are going to MAXIMIZE the Value of your Content Asset, you must use ALL exposure possibilities. This is the ONLY way that you will truly maximize your exposure and brand.
Exposure is one of the MAIN REASONS you Re-purpose. The more people that see you, the more people will talk about you. Plus, this also will bring MORE TRAFFIC to your site.

2. Article Marketing and Directories.

 Make sure that all your articles are on the MAIN article sites.  There are hundreds and article sites and directories.  The biggest:
 This is the mother load!  Secret: Make sure the article sites have a Strong Page Rank as well! You can google “high page rank article directories” and you will find a list of them. Yes, Panda has devalued the article directories, but they are still good for exposure and links.

3. Audio Readers converting to mp3.

Did you know  that your articles can be converted into AUDIO mp3s by special software?
This will allow you to get your Content Asset out on the web in audio form as well. It is SO cool. This will also be good for the folks who have trouble reading on the web.  Google LOVES that.
Here is one of the more powerful software converters out there from written to audio:
This will EXPAND your view of your Content as well.

4. LIVE Presentation.

  You can Re-purpose your Content Asset in a LIVE presentation of it.  It can be in a group setting in PERSON.  It can be on a LIVE online Livecast.  It can be a LIVE Social Cast on ustream.  There are many ways to deliver LIVE. But LIVE delivery carries IMPACT and is a powerful way to get your message across.

5.  Text Article Convert it to Video.

 To take an article you wrote and convert to video is actually quite simple. Yes, there is software out there that can do that.  Some work better than others–and  some do not do that well at all.
 We have found one that ROCKS:
You can take every article and turn it into a Quality Video within minutes with this software and it is amazing.

6. Interview experts about the article.

 Interview “experts” concerning your article.  Ask them questions about what the article says and then let them give their expertise.  This will not only BUILD the Value of your Asset but also increase the credibility of it. I call it “Expert Marketing.” Let the experts help market your content and give them some exposure as well!

7. Online Slide Shows.

 Online slide shows for power points and other forms of documents are HUGE. I use them all the time. You can take your article and convert it to power point or keep it in worddoc.  Here are 2 of the BEST out there:
These are 7 powerful ways you can Re-purpose your content, or “Multiply Your Message” for your mlm network marketing home business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
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MLM Training- The Ultimate MLM Cold Calling Prospecting Script

mlm prospecting cold calling

mlm cold calling

MLM Cold Calling Phone Script.

Have you ever made a call for your mlm home business and the prospect ANSWERED ?

Did you know what to say concerning your mlm prospect?

What if you knew EXACTLY what to say?

That is the reason for this post. many people do not really know what to say when they are making cold calls or they get a lead that has come from online.. Many simply freeze up or say all the wrong things.

That happens SO much.

But what if you had a script and even some Talking Points that you could use for your cold calling phone efforts?

Cold Market prospecting is an art.

It is something that is easy- IF you know how. And it can be difficult if you do not know how. There are many scripts available that are good, but the script that I used and have been teaching for a long time seems to work extremely good, and is powerful also with online leads that have responded to an ad or a landing page.

We call these scripta and Talking Points:

Cold Market Conversation PowerTalk.

What happens if your cold market prospect answers?

What do you DO?

What do you SAY?

Here is a script that I suggest you practice and use:

“Hi Lisa, my name is Doug, and you had requested that I give you a call –I am with ABC company. As I understand it, and please correct me if I am wrong–you have been checking out home businesses for yourself- correct? Great- I am calling you simply for one reason- to take a second to learn a little bit about you, tell you a little bit about us, and then after that we will both know if we need to talk any further-does that sound fair? We both are busy, so this will not take long as you probably know what you are looking for — and we know who we are looking for…so let’s see if there are some possibilities here.”

This is one of the most powerful cold markeeting mlm prospecting scripts you can use. I used it for 10 years, and it worked everytime. It has a sincerity about it and also no pressure. It is one of the more magnetic ways to tlak to a cold mlm prospect.

Here are the TALKING POINTS:

“Someone requested I call.”   (This shows you are following up.)

“As I understand it.”  (It shows that you have thought about it.)

“Checking out home businesses.”  (No pressure, just looking at things.)

“Learn a little bit about you.”  (Little is the key word here. Keep it short and brief.)

“Learn a little bit about us.” (We want you to know we are real.)

“See if there is any reason to pursue it any further.”  (This is a g

“You know what you are looking for- who we are looking for.”

“Lets’ see if there is a match.”

If you follow these Cold Market MLM prospecting Scripts, you will start to see a LOT oif great results in your mlm prospecting for your home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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