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MLM Training- 5 Reasons You MUST THINK Yourself to Success

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MLM Success Thinking.

Have you ever gone on a “Thinking vacation” for your network marketing home business?

Does that sound like something that would help your direct selling efforts?

Would you like to know 5 complling reasons that you MUST Think yourself to Success?

Troy Dooly, who is the News Director of the newly launched Home Business Radio Network, as well as the show host for the Beachside CEO and also has the MLM Helpdesk, has a show on this week that blew me away.

It is on THINKING.

And that show that I dearly loved, got me to thinking…

I spend  LOT of time thinking about the next 10 years, what needs to happen and what should NOT happen. I also think about the next day and all the things that need to occur as well as well as how that will happen.

Thinking simply is a great way to Blueprint your Success on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

The Home Business Radio Network was an idea back in 2000, but yet it took technology 11 years to catch up with the thoughts.

And then it has happened.

That is what Troy was talking about. Thinking is as much as a part of Success as taking effective and massive action.

But most do not.

That is the reason for this post. I started thinking about WHY a person needs to think. I am sure that most people do not sit around and think about their thinking.

But I do. And you should as it truly is a Success Driver in the works you do.

Here are 5 compleeing reasons why you should THINK your way to Success as well as ACT your way to Success.

We will take the word THINK and use it as an acronym.

T..   stands for Touches Your Imagination.

Your Imagination is one of the most powefful forces you have to drive Success into your home based business. Most do not Imagine anything. They simply let others do that for them.

Touch your Imagination and free it by thinking how your life COULD be and do in color and with power.

H…stands for Helps to Focus you.

Many people are NOT focused and thus they never really create the success they are looking for. Thinking helps to get you zeroed in and focused on NEW possibilities and NEW directions and plans to consider for your business.

Earl Nighingale, one of the most profound thinkers of the last century, called it A Lost Art. Most do not think…but respond.” Amen.

I…stands for Increases Your Vision.

Thinking will increase the size, power, and depth of your Vision for your business and life. often we operate our business with limits that have been set by others. And these limits often end up as chains in our life.

Increase the Vision of your Business and Life by thinking and letting your vision become as a Nuclear reactor with Thinking being the Nuclear Core.

N…stands for Neutralizes Negatives.

Negatives come at you everyday. But the funny thing about it…

When you stop and think about the negatives you heard today, they really are powerless. YOU have the power to move so far past them, and think yourself bigger then they ever will be.

K…stands for Keeps You Growing.

Thinking will simply keep you growing and keep you GOING. Many times we STOP for many reasons in our business, and that slows us down.

If you are going to stop, STOP on your terms, and ONLY for Thinking. That will do more for your business then you could ever imagine.

In another post I will be covering 5 ways to Think yourself to Success.

Now excuse me…i gota go do some thinking about my home business….

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MLM Prospecting- 3 HUGE Mistakes that will KILL Your Prospecting

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MLM Prospecting Secrets.

How would you respond if someone was using the wrong language with you in your network marketing home business?

What would you say to someone if they were more concerned about what THEY get from you, then offer to you?

Would you like to learn 3 Powerful Little known MLM prospecting secrets for your network marketing business?

Here are 3 powerful quick mlm prospecting secrets NO ONE will tell you:

MLM Prospecting Secret 1)

 “Prospect looking through the Prospect’s eyes, and not yours. THEIR Dreams are focused in THEIR eyes, not yours.”              

Looking and Seeing are 2 different things. 

Prospecting requires BOTH.

 It requires you looking at what the prospect wants to do with their life, and CONNECTING to that Dream and destiny and you SEEING the fruition of it with your business and products in their life.

 It requires you to START where they are, and LOOK at where they are, and SEE where they can go with your business.

 Look through their eyes as far as where they currently are, financially, emotionally, family, socially, and career wise.

Start in their world, and then lead them to your world of home business success.

MLM Prospecting Secret 2)

 Use words that they understand, NOT Network Marketing-ease.”

 Many distributors talk themselves right out of a potential prospect because they use all the wrong words and all the wrong questions.

I have seen this so many times.

 Someone starts talking about “downlines” and a puzzled look comes across the prospect’s face and they start glazing over.

 Someone mentions “upline” and by then the prospect is starting to look for an exit.

 THEN someone mentions “multi level” and you look around…where did they go?

 NOT with you.

 You cannot expect to talk Chinese to a Greek and expect each other to understand each other. It is the same with Network Marketing.

You must use the language that will get them COMFORTABLE and not require them to SORT THROUGH the babble to try and figure it out.

 Don’t use the words like “downline” or “upline”.

 A prospect probably will have no clue of what that is.

 Use words they can understand, and feel comfortable with, like “Team”, “Support system,” and “Leaders.”

 MLM Prospecting Secret 3)

 “Let off the pressure. You are sending a silent signal to your prospect that you are DESPERATE and that alone will kill your business.”

 The last word in Pressure is “SURE.”

 It is the SUREST way to lose a prospect and to make you look amateurish and unprofessional.

 Pressure is a sure sign that you are pressured to do this business.

 Pressure is a sure sign that you are pressured to make some money.

 Pressure is a sure sign that you are NEEDING a sale and a recruit.

 Pressure is a sure sign that you are NOT that successful in what you are doing.

 Come on folks….


 When a distributor starts putting pressure on someone, it shows there is pressure built up inside of them.

 Back it off, or it will turn them off.

 Here are “Pressure Valve” phrases to release the pressure when prospecting”

 “I am not sure if this is something that would be right for you or not…”

  “I am not sure this would be a fit for you…”

 “This may not be for you, but you may know who I am looking for…” 

All great phrases to let off the pressure when you are prospecting for your home business.

 Use these three powerful mlm prospecting secrets for your mlm home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- The Power in TWO WORDS that Explode Your Business

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MLM Training Secrets.

Are you satisfied with where your business is going in  your network marketing efforts?

Are you looking for some mlm training secrets that will help your home business EXPLODE?

What if there were only TWO WORDS that could accelerate your mlm home business-would you want to know them?

There are many words and qurstions that you can ask, and say that can be part of your activity, no doubt.

BUT- are you focused on the TWO WORDS that GROW your home based business success? A lot of folks are saying the right things- but to the wrong people.

Network marketing professionals- many of them- talk to the same prospects-over and over and over and over. Never realizing the conversation was OVER about 2 weeks ago…

But they were not either listening… or paying attention.

Has that ever happened to YOU? You just for whatever reason, cannot LET GO of the people you have talked to and when what was needed was to let them go…and you keep CHASING THEM.

Like a dog.


I have news for you…

YOU are NOT  dog.

YOU are a home business professional that needs to understand that there is more to this business then talking to a FEW people and then chasing them around talking some more….and some more…and some more.

Folks, this is NOT Net-BEG Marketing.

This is Net-WORK Marketing- with an emphasis on WORK. And that is the reason why you need to start focusing on a different approach and action level than where you are- if you are alowing the same people who have not said YES to you, dominate your time. And they will, many of them, as they like to feel that they are worthy of being “chased” even though they have nor real interest in your home based business.

But they will continue to let you call them and talk to them…and talk to them…and talk to them…and YOU think you are working.


There are two words that will determine much of your success un your direct selling and matketing efforts…and I have a success quote that I sent out a while back that I believe will help you focus in more on the TARGETED prospects, not the “not serious” prospects…and many of the prospects out there today will lead you on, lead you astray thinking they are interested, and lead you out of this business because of frustration and discouragement.

What ARE those 2 words?


“New Conversations are the most powerful tool you have to build a growing business…not the Same OLD Conversations.”

Don’t talk to the same people all the time.

Talk to NEW people every day, every week, every chance.

Talk to NEW prospects every time that a conversation takes place that sounds like it could possibly lead to something powerful.

Take the Initiative and START a Conversation with someone you do not know. Ask them what their name is. Ask them if they live close by. Ask them if they might know of a good place to eat. Ask them if they could help you.

Ask them Ask them. Ask them.

In the 2012 Mastermind class, we are going over what I call becoming an “Outrageous Asker.”

YOU must become that and hold a New Conversation every chance that opens up to do so- in social media, in mobile marketing, in online recruiting, and offline as well.

Talking to NEW mlm prospects for your network marketing business has a tendency to do several things:

1. Extends your Reach in the marketplace.

2. Keeps you Focused on NEW Business.

3. Keeps you IN ACTIVITY.

4. Builds YOU as a Leader and Communicator.

5. Increases your Business Volume Dramatically.

These are GREAT Reasons to hold NEW CONVERSATIONS with people and develop NEW Prospects daily.

Hold a NEW Conversation daily in meaningful ways and in prospect focused language, and your mlm home business will EXPLODE.

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MLM Recruiting- How toTurn High Price of GAS into a RECRUITING Frenzy

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MLM Secrets to Recruiting.

Want to turn the high Price of gas into an mlm recruiting frenzy?

What do you think that the high price of gas is doing to the average person?

Would you like to know 3 powerful reasons to PULL PEOPLE IN and want to learn how they can actually turn the price of GAS into a profit center?

That is the reason why that I wanted to write this, as it truly is a serious issue.

You gotta love the people screaming.


All these folks that are screaming about the growing price and high price of gasoline in utilities comparison website. It is impacting everyone that drives a car.. If you turn on the television, the high price of gas is there. If you turn on the radio, the high price of gas is there.. If you pick up a magazine, it is there as well.

You cannot deny the fact that the high price of gasoline today is creating a financial headache for a lot of folks.

The Comversation.

I was talking with someone recently during a seminar, and all he talked about was how the price of gas was going to destroy his home business as no one would have the money to buy his products. He is in the personal delivery business and profit margins are not that high any way. And he said they were getting ready to tank even further.

Every  business that exist today are feeling it. Even home businesses. A friend of mine was talking about she might have to close her traveling for her home business down. She has a skin care business, and travels all over the region doing skin care and spa as well as nutrition  appointments. But she said the price of gas has gotten so high that she cannot afford that level of travel anymore. She discovered she was losing money the way she was doing it. And the price of her products has skyrocketed due to gas prices.

Sound familiar?

There is now talk about 5.00 per gallon of gasoline. but folks that are deluded are saying, “never happen in the US.”

Yeah right.

Crying the Blues.

That is why that the price of gas has everyone complaining, moaning, and crying the blues. No doubt, it has impacted the landscape of the home business world. And I am sure that you are aware of the extreme price increase in a gallon of gas, as well as many other things.

The price of gas has been reportedly to be impacting many different areas of life, as well as business. And it is only going to get worse, before it gets better. We all better get used to the fact that things are going to be increasing in price a lot for a while- and it may be a long while.

The prices of many things are increasing dramatically. For instance:




Airline flights.

Anything plastic.

Delivery of goods.

Manufacturing costs.

Hospitality costs.

And the list is long and almost endless.


What if you could turn this horrible thing into a powerful Recruiting and Home Business Building Tool for your Network Marketing Home business?

You can!

You can turn the high price of gas into a Recruiting swarm! You DO NOT have to be part of the “woe is me” crowd. I want you to get this next thought and get it deep down in your heart:

The high price of gas could possibly be one of the best things that has happened to your home business! And will continue to be!


By talking about your “Gas Fund” and asking everyone you know–”Do you have one as well?”

Here is a sample script that you can use: (There are many ways to say this and in the” How to Turn the High Price of gas into a Recruiting Frenzy” CD series, you learn many ways!

“Wow Mary, can you believe the price of gasoline today? It is unbelievable. And it seems to be going higher weekly. I read where the average home expenses will increase by $400-500 dollars monthly because of it. It is impacting everything from food to electricity. But you know- I ran across an idea that actually has helped me pay for the higher price and helped me establish a “Gas Fund” at home.

Have you heard of this? It is where your gas is paid for – no matter how high it goes-but not out of your current income.

Would that help you?

It involves being able to establish a secondary revenue source out of your home. And no matter how high the price of gas goes, you can still afford it. Let me explain how this home Gas Fund is created with a home business…”

And there you have it. Use this over and over. You will be glad you did for your Network marketing home business.

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48 Hour Recruiting Special! – High Price of Gas

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Pain at the Pump - How to Turn the High Price of Gas into a Recruiting Frenzy

How to Turn the High Price of GAS into a Recruiting Frenzy

2 CD Series – by Doug Firebaugh

IN THIS 2 CD Advanced Training Series you will learn:

  • The Media is Magnifying their Pain at the Pump for you.
  • Discover The Secret of “The Gas Fund.”
  • Learn the Perfect Opening Question of any conversation.
  • Learn the Best Places to Prospect using Gas as the topic.
  • Learn the Truth about what we are all facing with the High Cost of Gasoline.
  • Discover why a Home Business is the Perfect Solution to their Gas Woes!
  • Learn how others’ “Stay-cations” can benefit your recruiting efforts.
  • Learn the “Scripts” that anyone will respond to with great interest.
  • Plus much more!
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MLM Training Secrets- 3 Little Known Success Secrets in a Brutal Economy

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MLM Training Secrets.

What are the THREE Big Principles that people are looking for during tough times?

Would knowing that help your network marketing home business?

Do you want to find out how to make those three things as well as more work FOR YOU and your mlm home business?

Lets see what we can do to help you out….

MLM Training for Tough Times ONE:

You MUST understand the BIG THREE Principles of what people are Looking for during Tough Times.
This one is a biggie. You MUST get this as this will accelerate your success more than you could ever imagine. What are people looking for?
1) People are looking for SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN.
You have that something, you have that answer. It is your company, your products, and business.
2) People are looking for SOMEONE TO BELIEVE IN.
You MUST become that person they can believe in. Lead- don’t just persuade. Empower—don’t just inform. Encourage- don’t just discuss. And operate with Power and Integrity. They will sense that immediately.
3) People are looking for SOMEONE TO BELIEVE IN THEM.
Belief is a person can create some amazing shifts in that person. Talk to your prospect, and let them know that they have what it takes to succeed. Let them know that you believe in their greatness. Sometimes that is all it takes to move a person past their current doubts and fears-someone believing in them for the first time – ESPECIALLY during tough economic times.
MLM Training Secret for Tough Times 2:
Don’t put down the prospect’s View of how things are- Lift it UP and ENLARGE It.
Many people when they talk to a cold market prospect, they take issue with their view of how things are, and actually criticize the prospect.
Don’t.   What you need to do during these tough times is Enlarge their View and what is really possible. This sometimes can be a little tricky, but here is what you say:
“I appreciate what you just said. And I am sure that would be true for a lot of folks, but what I have found that during slow times, a person’s true Greatness really starts to shine and there is such Greatness in you that I have been sensing. What is possible with you is amazing. I would love to have the chance to help you build a lifestyle that grows amazingly during these slow times…and you be in a position to help those you care about. How does that sound?”
MLM Training for Tough Times 3:
People today are asking questions. But most are asking the WRONG questions.
People today are asking questions, But they are questions that for the most part, have dismal answers. 
Why Me?”  “Why does this have to happen?” “What did I do to deserve this?” “What are we going to do?” “What can we cut back?” “what can we sell?” “Am I going to be laid off?”
You get the WRONG ANSWER when you ask the wrong question.

Change their questions, and you change their Possibilities.
“You know, most people today are asking a lot of questions. But I believe they are the questions that do not lead to where they are looking to go. Instead of asking, “Why?” I believe that we should be asking, ‘Why Not?’  and ‘What if?’ What IF there was a path that would lead you to all that you have dreamed of, during one of the toughest times that you have ever known? What IF you could come out of these slow times making three to four times the amount of money you are making now?  How would that feel?”

Explode your business during the tough times in your mlm network marketing business.

FREE mp3 download :  “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing No Onw will Tell YOU” 

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets

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MLM Training- The Most Powerful Success Catalyst that EXISTS

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MLM Success Secrets.

What is the MOST important “Success Catalyst” that exists for your mlm network marketing business?

How do you operate your home based business without it?

What is the Power of this Success Catalyst and where does it come from for your home business?

It starts with one of the most powerful words in mlm recruiting and mlm prospecting:


 That word carries the secret to a Decision.

If you are going to operate your business in today’s world, especially online, you need to carry impact in everything you do.

 And Decision is the catalyst for Impact in all that you do. People on social networking sites can SENSE that you are SEROUS about relationships, and also business. They will sense a more powerful individual behind the message because of now what you say- but HOW you say it. “People of the Incision” carry a message that comes from the heart – not just the mind.

 Let’s take 2 distributors or consultants or brand ambassadors.

Both are on either Google+ or Facebook. Both communicate and make friends, but one has radically better success than the other.

What was the difference?

 It was what the people were EXPERIENCING in the very beginning of the relationship. One sent out a weak, less than powerful message.

NOTE: The other sent out a message that IMPACTED the prospect because it was focused ON them, ABOUT them, FOR them, and ADDED to them.

 THAT is what Decisive communication is about. Experience and adding to the experience.

 IF you are serious about your business, and getting aboard The Coming Mobile Marketing Storm, as well as the Social Storm that we are in right  now, you need to make a DECISION that creates an INCISION in your heart- and releases the best that you have to offer the world.

 Are you tired of not getting results that you want and desire?

 Are you tired of not getting the numbers that you want for your business?


 That is it. Do it NOW- not tomorrow.

Not next week.


And when you make that Decision, you will feel a SHIFT inside of you that you KNOW that you something has changed and shifted. You cannot put your finger on it- but it has.

 Quit listening to those of the Excuse.

Quit listening to those who cannot get you to where you want to go.

You do not become a millionaire listening to people that are making $40,000.00 a year. Nothing wrong with that- but that is NOT where you are headed.  

Only listen to those that can GET YOU THERE because they ARE THERE.

 Your new motto should be- ‘It’s Done – Period. End of Discussion.” That has been out motto for years, and should be yours.

 And make a Decision that you are not going to one of the people that are left behind because of the lack of knowledge on the internet and social sites.

DECIDE that you are going to become a part of the New media Storm and a HUGE producer for your mlm company.




 If you make a Decision, then you start seeing a more accelerated Success in your network marketing home business.

FREE mp3 download- :The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will Tell YOU”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- Getting Started Right in MLM with VIPs

mlm getting started right

mlm getting started right


MLM  Getting Started Right.

Who do you know in your upline that is a VIP for your mlm home based business?

Would you like a template that you can use to make SURE that you have the correct contacts for help in your network marketing business?

Would it make a difference to know WHO is WHO?

What we want to today is to give you a TEMPLATE for getting started right in a network marketing home business.

GETTING STARTED – Numbers and Addresses You will Need.

 “Ok. How do I Communicate with the Company, and Who is Part of My NETWORK MARKETING Success Team?”

 Go to the NETWORK MARKETING corporate website and copy the contact numbers. Put them somewhere you will have ready access.

 NETWORK MARKETING Website address & email:


 NETWORK MARKETING Home Office Number:


 NETWORK MARKETING Home Office Address:


 NETWORK MARKETING Reseller Services Number:


 NETWORK MARKETING Order Department: 


 This list covers all aspects of the NETWORK MARKETING Corporate Office and the functions for the Reseller’s needs, from ordering, to Reseller support for you.

 Next, you must know your Reseller identification number to communicate with corporate and to sponsor new Resellers. 

 My Personal Identification Number:  ____________________________________

 You also need to know your “Success Team,” also called your upline.  These are the people that are part of your support team.  It is like a “Board of Advisors,” or a “Team of Coaches,” who have been where you are looking to go. 

This team will prove to be valuable in your NETWORK MARKETING business, as they have a vested interest in you.  Find out who they are and get to know them.  Call your sponsor, and Fill in their information.


 His/Her Sponsor ___________________ phone___________email___________


 His/Her Sponsor____________________ phone___________email___________


 Superstar Sponsor _________________ phone___________email___________

 A soccer team cannot play effectively without knowing who is on their team.  That is true as well for a softball team, or a football team.  You need to get to know who is on your team, and how they can help. Network Marketing and NETWORK MARKETING is a TEAM Business!

Here is what you need to do in order to GET INTO ACTION with this mlm getting started right template: 

 Get your sponsor to introduce you via a quick Three-way phone call to your NETWORK MARKETING upline team to learn a little bit about who they are, and introduce you to them, so they can get to know you.  DO NOT BE INVISIBLE!  Make yourself known to your Upline. Let them know you are serious about building a business, and they will appreciate that!  Get to know your Upline Success Team!

This mlm getting started template will work with online as well as offline and social media for your mlm home business.

FREE mp3 download- “The 7 Biggest Mistakes made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell You!”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Recruiting – The Secret of “Recruiting MagneTechs” that PULLS People IN

mlm recruiting home business

mlm recruiting network marketing


MLM Recruiting Secrets.

Have you ever wondered how network marketers seem to recruit people almost effortlessly in their home business?

Did you ever wonder how they do it?

Would you like to discover a secret that is a MAGNET that PULLS people towards you?

Here is an MLM Recruiting Secret for Network Marketing:

The Decision for Success in Recruiting creates an Incision – of the heart – that releases the Power within that Decision that draws others towards you like a Magnet.

 It is called “Recruiting MagneTechs.”

 It is the power and process of developing relationships that are moving towards you– not you moving towards them.

It is a Recruiting Technology we developed over 15 years ago that works- online as well as offline, and works AMAZINGLY in social recruiting as well as mobile recruiting.

It totally ROCKS.

The CHALLENGE of Recruiting.

 But here is the challenge- most folks that come into Network Marketing never DECIDE to engage the business. They CHOOSE to TRY the business.

And that is a formula for failure.

 It is the same online. People do not get serious about their marketing and recruiting  efforts for their home based business. They play with it.

And they end up getting “play checks” not paychecks.

Has that happened to you? Have you made a choice to try this business and just “see what happens?”

 Understand this next Billion Dollar secret:

 A DECISION is felt– not just heard.

But so is choice.

Decision carries a certainty and power within it. Choice carries a weakness and often felt timidity and hesitancy within it.

 Has this happened to you? Has this been what people are feeling from you?

 In any relationship, you must understand that it is part of what they are

1)   Hearing.

2)   Seeing.

3)   Feeling

4)   And all that combined make up the EXPERIENCE of being in a budding new friendship with you.

 Online today, it is even more important of what they are FEELING. Your messages and intentions can be felt simply by how you communicate with them. And they will know if you are a person of Incision because of a Decision.

Billion Dollar Secret: People that have made a Decision communicate differently than those who have not.

Their communication is stronger, more clear, more succinct, and more powerful in how they experience the communication.

 Here is a secret that I had with my mentor, who has done 9 BILLION in this profession- with ONE team:

 “Those that have made a heart powered decision in this industry are going to be obtaining bigger results faster and more consistently. They are going to be pleasantly surprised at how the communication they send out is received. Decision carries with it a Presence that you are going places, and taking people with you. It carries with it a Force that people actually are drawn towards during communication. And it carries with it a Magnetism that seems to attract the right people in your business that a choice could never do.

 “People that have made a Decision are the ones that are serious about this business and do not care what others think. They simply have a focus and dream that they are going to go after- driven by the power and passion of a Decision. People seem to respond to people that have made a Decision differently. They seem to be more positive about the possibilities of a new relationship and doing business with you. They like the EXPERIENCE they are feeling with you and they like themselves when they are around you.

 “That is THE secret to becoming a MagneTech Recruiter. Make the person FEEL better about themselves from the very beginning. That one secret that  has worked and help produce over 9 billion dollars in volume.

Here is what you say if you are going to practice Recruiting MagneTechs:

“You know, I am not sure if anyone has ever told you this, but you have a powerful and infectious personality. And it potentially could be worth a fortune with your own business. Would you agree with that?”

 That brings us to the Platinum Rule of Decisive Communication:

 FIRST people FEEL- then they HEAR.

 “It is all about the EXPERIENCE that is between you and the new prospect. And if you have made a Decision that creates an IMPACT- you are light years ahead of anyone else in this industry.”

Read this post again and again and start practicing Recruiting MagneTechs for your Home business mlm.

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MLM Training- 7 Powerful MLM Landing Page Secrets that are a MUST


mlm landing pages

mlm landing pages for home business


MLM Landing and Squeeze Pages

In this online world of marketing and recruiting for your network marketing home business, would one simple success tip help?

Would you like to learn 7 secrets that can explode your mlm success in landing pages?

What IS a landing page?

An MLM Landing page is a single page that people “land on” from search engines or clicking on a link and it tells them about your product or business in a VERY compelling way. There are many different ways to construct a landing page, but there are some simple foundational secrets that it will help you to know.

Many people NEVER have any success with their landing pages.


Because they lack many things within the page, and they do not give a reason for the prospect to go any further, like clicking a video link that plays your video. 

What are 7 MLM landing page Secrets that WORK and you MUST KNOW?

MLM Landing Page Secret 1:

Make Sure that your “Message matched.”

Your landing page copy should mirror the promises and content used in your ad. Make sure what the visitor landed on is mirrored EXTREMELY clear when they land on your MLM landing page. This is called ‘Yellow Brick Road’ and it helps reduce visitors leaving by guiding the visitor to the right place.

 MLM Landing Page Secret 2:

Make Sure that You Valuable.

Is there a clear value proposi-tion in your offer? The role of the landing page isn’t to inform, it’s to market, move the prospect, and sell. So don’t be afraid to take the time and present your message. Tell people why it’s in their best interest in every way to TAKE ACTION NOW.

 MLM Landing Page Secret 3:

Make Sure that your Copy and Words are Relevant.

Your ad & page copy may  match but that doesn’t necessarily mean your page or message is relevant to your offer or message. Make sure everything on your page RELATES to what you offered in your copy, and RELATES to your strong call to action. Everything needs to be flowing, connected, and fluid—your copy, your offer, your images.

 MLM Landing Page Secret 4:

 Is Your Content a “Quick read” or Scannable?

One of the biggest mistakes made on landing pages?  Long sentences, overkill on bullet points, too many  paragraphs—it’s hard for a visitor to take all that in! On the mlm page you have only a few seconds to get their attention and get their interest. Make sure that it’s easy to scan the page and understand and connect to the overall message. Vary the length of your phrases, your questions, and your points, use bullets (and keep ‘em short), and make sure paragraphs aren’t too long.

 MLM Landing Page Secret 5:

You Must Have the Golden Content Above the fold. Make sure your most important questions, words, phrases, images and  content is above the fold. That means calls to action as well. You can have rocking hot stuff below the fold, but THE BEST  stuff needs to be visible, well positioned, and high on the page.

 MLM Landing Page Secret 6:

Make Sure that there are Little if ANY Distractions.

Get rid of any AND ALL unnecessary copy, graphics and any links.. Every word, image, question, and any other element on your page should be increasing the odds of getting a sale or more. Get rid  of unrelated calls to action, uneeded graphics and anything else questionable.

 MLM Landing Page Secret 7:

A Strong Call to Action that is Highly Visual.

 At a quick glance it should be very clear what the THE MOST IMPORTANT ACTION to take is on the page. What EXACTLY does the landing page want the visitor to do EXACTLY? Pick up the phone and make a call? Fill out a form online and send it to you? Click a button to take them somewhere?  It does not matter what it is, just make sure your page is very ACTION FOCUSED. It should visually compel  and encourage the visitor forward into the desired place, action, or results you are looking for.

There are many mlm landing page secrets out there, but these are 7 powerful landing page basics for your network marketing business that will help explode your home based business.

FREE mp3 download- “The 7 Biggest mistakes made in Network Marketing that NO ONE Will tell you”

FREE Social Media recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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