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MLM Training- The 4 “MUSTS” for Massive Acceleration in Your Business

mlm home business success

mlm network marketing


The “4 MUSTS” for MLM Success.

How fast are you building your network marketing business?

What would help you create a faster pace in your home business marketing?

Would knowing something that has helped produce 9 BILLION in one downline be of VALUE to you?

I had the great honor of working with someone that was amazing and he was quite the mentor. He taught us a lot of things, but one training that i remember that opened my eyes was one called “The 4 MUSTS of Massive Success.”

A “need to” is important and a “GOT TO” is imperative.


That is why I wanted to share these 4 things with you. They truly have helped every aspect of my life, and business. I believe they will help you as well. There are many mistakes that are made in the home business profession, and I have made them all I believe. BUT we need to take a look at how to avoid them and overcome their negative results.

I was in Dallas Texas when I heard the “4 Musts” and it really helped me in three ways:

It showed me that I was playing with my business- NOT working it.

It showed me that my thinking was shrinking and I needed to GAME UP and get in the game of Success, and not sit in the bleachers.

It showed me that I was falling behind in the Success path, and I needed to get my act together!

Does THAT sound familiar?

Many folks that I have talked to, understand that they are NOT going at the pace they want nor makiing the money they want.  I know many folks that wish that they could change things…


They don’t want to change.


Here is a Rule of thumb:

If you don’t want to change…then things around you are not going to change.

That is WHY that you need the “4 MUSTS.”

Here are what is called “the 4 MUSTS of Massive Success.”

1)   You MUST be open to thinking larger than you ever have, as well as in new directions that have proven to produce billions in this industry.

if you are not open to thinking bigger, then your paycheck and business will match that.

2)   You MUST be willing to reconsider your methods and perspective of this business, and what you think works vs. what The Mentor KNOWS works.

if what you are doing is NOT working, then either you are doing things wrong, or doing the wrong things.  You must adapt to the marketplace and to what the market demands

3)   You MUST challenge yourself to learn new pathways, new directions, new strategies, new possibilities, and new ideas that you may have never heard of before.

If YOU are not GROWING…then your business is stagnating. No exceptions.

4)   You MUST be willing to work in a manner and at a pace that you may not have been shown before- but is truly necessary to do to create Wealth in this powerful industry.

get YOUR GAME ON!  Speed the pace UP if you need to. Maybe you need to change the way you are working. Maybe you need to change the way you are approaching this business!

If YOU adapt these “4 MUSTS” to your business, your business MUST increase and MUST become a powerful mlm network marketing home business!

FREE mp3 download- “The 7 Biggest Mistakes made in Network Marketing No One will tell You.”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets!

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MLM Training- The Massive Power of Business Radio Hits Home Business TODAY!

mlm explosion

mlm explosion


MLM Home Business Radio POWER.

How would you like to have a radio network that focuses ONLY on the home business professional and you can tune in everyday and learn a lot to help your mlm business?

Would having access to some of the greatest thought leaders in the home business and network marketing industry help?

Where else can you discover the secrets of the most successful leaders in marketing and mlm?

TODAY- the Massive Power of Business Radio EXPLODES into the Home Business Profession TODAY —at 3 pm EST!

It will be a history making day, and will change the game in our direct selling profession. It will not only UP the game but also morph into a more professional image and business. This will help you in many ways, and the education and growth you will get will be beyond any measure .

The 24/7 Home Business Radio Network will have many features:

1. Home Business Training from experts and top earners from all over the world.

2. Social Media training from the best of the best in the Home Business Profession.

3. Party Planning Training from the most powerful voices and trainers in the party planning world.

4. Affiliate Marketing Training from the most powerful experts out there.

5. Network Marketing MLM training from powerhouses that have done it and are doing it.

6. Small Business Marketing Training from powerful small business consultants that have worked with hundreds of successful businesses and owned them as well.

7. Internet Marketing training from legends in the industry, and the most successful out there.

8. Sales and Motivation training from legends and the biggest names in speaking and training.

9. Personal Development training form the most powerful Leaders in the world of Leadership.

10. Mobile Marketing Training from the experts that are paving the way for home business success on mobile devices.

11. News in the Home Business Profession- that impacts everyone and inspires us all.

12. Music, Music, and more Music to GET YOU UP and GOING! From the 80s’, 90s, 20002, current hits of today, and even an occasional classic rock for all the boomers out there!

13. Million Dollar Minutes- an exclusive on HBRN and will inspire you to greater heights and Success!

15. The OFFICIAL Home Business Radio Network launch POWER SONG!  Special, Powerful, and Inspiring!

14. PLUS so much more things coming!

If you are looking for a 24/7 MENTOR for your business that will help you, encourage you, and empower you, then this is the radio network for you.

You can listen to it on just about any mobile device, as well as there are social media badges and widgets that will soon be available so you can listen to HBRN on any social media site!

Join us at 3 pm EST at:  Home Business Radio Network and join us as the launch of the most powerful broadcast resource launches worldwide in the home business profession!

FREE mp3 download- “the 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing No One will Tell You”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets!

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MLM Training- 3 HUGE Reasons to Listen to The Home Business Radio Network

MLM Home Business Radio.

Does the Success of others in the home business profession make you curious about how they did it?

How would you like to have access to some of the most successful and powerful leaders in the home business profession?

Would that make a difference in your network marketing business?

On January 30th, at 3 pm est, The Home Business Radio Network launches and history is being quietly made in the home business profession and network marketing industry. The training, education, news, music, and special events that you can be a part of will blow your mind.

You will listen to some of THE BEST of THE BEST talk and teach about mlm team building, leadership, sales, marketing, social media, attraction marketing, network marketing, direct selling, motivation, communication, niche marketing, internet and online marketing, classified ad marketing, recruiting, prospecting, presenting, and closing, and hundreds of other topics to help you succeed with your home business!

Here are Three HUGE Reasons that you MUST be a part of this incredible launch:

mlm zig

mlm zig

Zig Ziglar        is a legend in the training and sales and motivation world. Every speaker and trainer have pointed to him as a mentor and influence. Zig and his son Tom will have the “Classic Ziglar Show” which will feature some of the greatest of Zig LIVE and in this studio. This will be an instant classic on the network. He has  anew book out called “Born To Win- Breaking Your Code for Success”




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Troy Dooly is one of the best known and powerful voices in the industry and has had the MLM Help Desk for years to help the struggling home business professional. He will be the News Director at HBRN and will do news clips as well as soon have a news show that will help keep you abreast of the positive and powerful things happening in the home business world. 




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  John Milton Fogg         is one of the most known names and powerful voices in the home business arena. He has written the # 1 best selling book of all times in the network marketing profession “The Greatest Networker in the World.His show will be a powerful interview resource of some of the greatest minds in the world in home business.




These are 3 HUGE Reasons for listening to the Home Business Radio Network. If you own a home business of any kind, this powerful radio network will change your success, and your ability to perform in the marketplace…especially if you have a home business mlm network marketing business.

FREE mp3 download- “The 7 Biggest Mistakes made in Network Marketing No Onw will tell You.”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets!

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MLM Training- How to Unleash the Fire Power of Goals for Your Team

mlm goals training

mlm home business goals


MLM Network Marketing Goal Setting.

What are the secrets of Setting Goals for your new home business team member- whether you recruited them online or offline?

Do you know HOW to get your new person setting goals that will WORK in your network marketing business?

Would knowing how to set Power Goals in your home business mlm help?

GETTING STARTED – Unleashing the Fire of POWER GOALS

 Imagine that the Success Dream you are building for yourself and your family with NETWORK MARKETING has a Path that you must walk in order to obtain it.  And this Path has a series of DOORS that you must approach and open, and then walk through.  These “Doors” are waiting to be easily opened, one at a time, and when you have opened the necessary number of “Doors,” you will find the beginnings of your dreams. 

Get this next revelation:

That is all a goal is… simply a door that you must open and walk through which leads to the next door, and eventually you will arrive at your dream in full color in your life.  

What will keep you continually opening these “doors?” 

Understand that your “Why” is the driving force behind your goals. It is the kerosene that keeps the Success Fires burning in NETWORK MARKETING!  Goals help drive you to the finish line!

 DOOR stands for — “Daily Operation Obtaining Results.” 

Simply, you must dream daily, work daily, and obtain results daily, to operate and build a home business.  Each goal you have for your NETWORK MARKETING business is simply a DOOR that you must walk towards and then through.

Goals are what help to create the “structure” of your business. Setting goals help you to: 

  • Define what you REALLY desire in life.
  • Turn your thinking into ACTIONS for Success.
  • Evaluate where you are in the process.

 Goals for the most part, should be: 

  • Realistic.
  • Measurable.
  • Meaningful.
  • Challenging.
  • Written. 

Before we start, let’s ask some personal questions: 

Why did you join NETWORK MARKETING? 





What do you believe owning your own business will do for you and your family? 




What is your income goal for your NETWORK MARKETING business? 




How many hours a week are you willing to work to make this happen in your life? 



  Understand that your Goals should be: 

  • Written as statements of truth for the desired results.
  • Broken down in smaller steps. 

“I am a National Director and I have obtained this one action at a time.” 

Planning Your Success Strategy:

  • What actions will I have to take to complete each step along the way?
  • What can I DO TODAY?  (LIST THEM!)

 This is how you unleash the Power of Goals in your network marketing home business organization.  Use this template and start unleashing the POWER of Goals in your mlm home business!

FREE mp3 download- “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing No One will Tell You”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business Radio Network Launching Jan 30th at 3 pm est- for MLM Network marketiing!

5 Secrets to Building a Million Dollar Personal Brand

MLM Training- Home Business Radio Network Official Launch-Jan 30th!

home business radio network

mlm home business

Home Business Radio Network.

How would you like to have a network marketing home business GOLD MINE of education and empowerment?

Would being able to tap into some of the most powerful minds and thought leaders in the home based business profession be of value to your MLM business?

How would you like 24/7 access no matter where you are or where you are working your home business?

Monday, January 30th at 3:00 PM EST:

The official launch of the Home Business Radio Network will take place, and it is going to be a GAME CHANGER for the home business profession This will be the start of one of the most powerful resources and media outlets that exist in the network marketing mlm business as well as any other home business you may work.

The Power of a home business everyone knows about. But there are many thought leaders today that can accelerate that power and enlarge your potential with their tips and secrets of massive success. Being able to tap into that type of mind and thought power is HUGE and will be a very powerful source for inspiration, education, and transformation.

The Home Business Radio Network (HBRN) has plans to launch worldwide with the flip of a switch with one of the most innovative, powerful radio software that exists today. Paul Saunders, CEO of HBRN and also the company that wrote the software for internet radio, says that “I have been in the radio industry for over 3 decades, and I have never been as excited as I am about the potential of the Home Business Radio Network. This is going to be a game changer in the industry, and will move the industry to a new level of professionalism that currently is not available. My partner and co-founder in this venture, trainer, speaker, author, Doug Firebaugh, an icon in the home business profession, is bringing some of the biggest names, and extraordinary talent to the network for shows and interviews. This will truly be something that will impact the network marketing, direct selling, party plan, social media marketing, internet marketing, affiliate marketing and any other type of home business that one may own. This will elevate everything and everyone that it touches.”

Saunders also went on to say,” Internet radio is the fastest growing media today. And we are excited to be a part of it, and we have much bigger plans than this, but it is a start. You will be able to listen to HBRN on any social media site with the widgets that are developed, and that includes facebook, Google+, twitter, LinkedIn, and others. You will also be able to listen to it on your iphone, droid, blackberry, ipad, notepad, samsung phones, and just about any mobile device out there, 24/7 with few exceptions. The home business profession and MLM network marketing profession is about ready to GROW UP into a  whole new level of power and exposure worldwide.”

You can learn more about this amazing radio network at: Home Business Radio Network.

There are many big names that are part of this, and 3 of them that will have their own shows are:

Chris and Josephine Gross:  NetworkingTimes LIVE Radio Show.  Chris and Josephine, who own and publish the industry standard bearer magazine and the “Harvard Business Review” of the home business profession-  “NetworkingTimes” – will have a powerful radio show keeping you abreast of all what is going on in the network marketing arena and also have powerful interviews with some of the most powerful people in the home business profession.


HBRN hosts

mlm home business radio networksrc=

Nick and Grace Keohohou– Founders of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance. They have nearly a half million direct sales women that are a  part of the DSWA worldwide, and will have the show “DSWA – Direct Selling Radio Show” which will educate you and entertain you about direct sales, team building, leadership, motivation and many other powerful and life changing topics.

ray higdon mlm

Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon, the number one earner for his company and one of the most powerful leaders of the New Generation of Leadership in network marketing, , has a radio show, “The Ray Higdon Show” and his show will feature every aspect of home business mastery and leadership. His show will focus on getting YOU to success quickly in your home business and life as well as many other topics.

These are just 3 of the incredible names that are a part of the Home Business Radio Network.

We encourage you to join us Monday, January 30th, at 3 pm EST at this location:  Home Business Radio Network and join the celebration!

This will truly be a game changer for the MLM network marketing home business profession!

 FREE Mp3 download:  “The 7 Biggest Mistake in Network Marketing No One will tell you”

 FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- “Social Recruiting Power”-over 50 recruiting secrets!”

blessings…doug firebaugh’

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MLM Twitter Recruiting- The MLM Recruiting Power of Tweetbeep

mlm recruiting with twitter

mlm twitter recruiting for home business


MLM Twitter Recruiting.

Have you ever used twitter for recruiting in your home business?

Would twitter be a good option to generate mlm leads for your network marketing prospect?

How would you like to discover a recruiting tool in social media that can help accelerate your home business?

That is why I wanted to write this post. On this week’s Live Call” I do on Monday nights at 10 pm est, I did a lesson on recruiting with twitter and how to recruiting using twitter.

 I introduced this social ware and could not believe the emails I got asking for it again as they missed the call and must have heard about it.

So I decided to do a quick mlm twitter recruiting post on a social software called:


Or better known as

A Twitter Recruiting Gold Mine.

This little software is a twitter recruiting gold mine for network marketers and home business professionals. Recruiting with twitter just got easier, and just got more powerful with the usage of this social ware. It not only can increase your twitter recruiting for mlm, but also your lead generation for your products and services.

And the best part?

It is totally FREE. (There is a premium version for 20.00 a month,  but you can use it for free.)

Tweetbeep is much like Google alerts, as you can register keywords or search phrases with tweetbeep and it will email you everyday with people who have tweeted about and used your keywords and phrases. You literally can generate a TON of leads by simply gathering tweets in your email and then doing one thing:

Going to their twitter profile and checking out who they are, and if they are someone that you feel that you need to follow and start a relationship with. You MUST be careful who you spend your time with developing on twitter.

Check their facebook and Google+ profiles as well to get a better input.

And if you get a dozen tweetbeeps a day, and one is a great lead, then you are GOLDEN.

MLM Recruiting with Twitter is a GREAT way to find leads and to CONNECT with them.

Here is a simple step by step using tweetbeep for mlm twitter recruiting:

1. Tweetbeep.

2. Profile.

3. Connect.

4. Construct- the Relationship.

Tweetbeep can be one of the greatest twitter recruiting tools that you can use to find and generate MLM leads from twitter recruiting. I would suggest that you get yourself an account on tweetbeep and then start filling out the words and phrases you want, and then start the mlm twitter recruiting process for your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE mp3 download: “The 7 Greatest Mistakes in Network Marketing No One will Tell You”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 recruiting secrets

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MLM Branding- 5 Secrets to Building a MIllion Dollar Personal Brand

home business mlm personal branding

mlm personal branding for home business


MLM Personal Branding.

What are THE secrets to building a million dollar brand in network marketing and a home business?

Are YOU aware of YOUR brand and what it is doing in the marketplace with your home business?

What MUST you be aware of in order to build a brand that has the potential to create wealth in mlm home business?

There are 5 secrets that I want to share with you on building a million dollar brand with your home based business. We at PassionFire have been  building a brand for 12 years, and it has been a lot of work, but yet, it has been easy and fun. We have built a brand in the marketplace that is known worldwide, and has grown to a 7 figure brand.

YOU can do the same thing only quicker- MUCH quicker. We were some of the pioneers in building a personal brand, and we had to figure things out, like everyone else in the early 2000’s had to.

There was NO template, example, or tutorial. It was just “figure it out as we go.”

We learned some things and the things that we learned has been a blessing in many ways in our lives and business. YOU must build a personal brand that will help create the income you want and desire for your family.

There are 5 Secrets of Personal Branding in network marketing that I want to share with you, and these are 5 MUST KNOW secrets to a Personal Brand that endures and can potentially create a powerful presence in social media as well as offline.

What are the 5 secrets?

Well, successful branding begins with a focused, well thought out, and well-defined brand that is RELEVANT to your particular market and niche. You might think that since you have a slogan or great logo, or even tagline, stationary, and business card, you’ve completed your personal branding and are ready to ROCK!

Nope, don’t think so. 

You see, unless you’ve carefully thought out, pondered, masterminded, considered and defined ALL five of the essential key branding elements—position, promise, personality traits, story, and association—you still have work to do to create a brand that will become known in the marketplace with your home business.

And, until you’ve connected your brand into every possible are in social media, online marketing, and offline marketing,  and then built the discipline of CONSISTENCY and TRUST into every behavior you display, action you take, or communication you send out–you are not yet on the path to a successful personal brand in network marketing.

Here are Five Key Branding Elements you MUST have to build a million dollar personal brand:


1. Your Brand Position.

This is the part of the personal brand that describes what your home business does and for whom it does, what your unique and one of a kind value is and how a customer benefits from working with you in your business or your product/service, and what key differences you have from any competition.

Once you’ve thought out and defined your personal brand position, write it out in 2 sentences, a paragraph, and then a 200 word “Personal Branding Summary.” This will help DEFINE and FOCUS your personal brand.


2. Your Brand Promise. (This is THE GOLD in your Personal Brand.) 

This the single most important thing that your home based business promises to deliver to its customers—EVERY time. How do you discover that? To come up with your personal brand promise, think about  what possible customers and team members should expect from every interaction, communication, and connection with you as a Leader.

Every decision should be weighed and related against this Personal Brand promise to be sure that a) it fully reflects and gives the Value of the promise, or b) at the very least it does not harm the promise of our personal brand.


3. Your Brand Personality.

The Traits of your brand- whether numerous or only a few –  illustrate what you want your personal brand to be known for. Stop and think about specific and targeted personality traits you would like your mlm prospects, customers, and team members to use to describe your network marketing organization. You should strive for 5 traits,  which describe the “perfect customer” and the “perfect team member.

What do they look like and what would you like them to be like?


4. Your Brand Story.

Your Personal Brand Story tells the story your home business story, your parent company’s history where you get your products, along with how the history adds and increases value and extreme credibility to your personal brand.

Do NOT be afraid of telling some of the struggles and stories you have gone through. People can relate to that.

Your Personal Beand Story also usually includes a summary of your products or services and what your business has done for others (testimonials.)


5. Your Brand Associations.

These associations  (or what the brand is reflected by) that are the specific physical elements that make up your personal brand and what people SEE, FEEL and EXPERIENCE with it This is WHAT is associated with your brand and the “colors of it” if you will.

This is your name, logo, colors, memes, taglines, fonts, layout,  images, etc. Your personal brand associations must reflect ands radiate your brand promise, ALL of your brand traits, and support your brand positioning statement or summary


Once you’ve developed and defined a relevant personal brand, you must begin building the brand with customers, prospects, team members, etc. through CONSISTENT engagement of the brand and everything it stands for.

Branding Secret: Relentless Nonstop Repetition is key to the success of the branding process.

It’s easy to give in and be less than the brand promises “just this one time,” because you’re busy building your home business, recruiting, or because you think no one will notice.


You can destroy a brand within days that took you years to build.

No one will ever really know or remember what your brand stands for or represents or even is, unless it is the EXACT SAME every time they are exposed to it online or offline. Without relentless consistency, “magnetic eyeball pulling brand awareness” becomes nearly impossible to achieve, no matter how much resources, energy,  or time you spend on marketing.

 And your good brand identity—that you spent so much time developing, building, and defining—begins to look more unreliable in many ways.

To help ensure you build the habit of consistent brand execution in your network marketing home business , I suggest that you write down your essential Brand Elements in a “Branding Log” and study it.

Show it to your leaders and team members and get them to do the same thing for their own Personal Brand. Then you can become your company’s main brand ambassador and start sharing your personal brand with anyone and everyone that you talk to, and connect with on facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn, or Google+.

If you start the process of what I just shared with you, you are on the way to starting to build a million dollar personal  brand in your network marketing home business personal business!


FREE mp3 download- “the 7 Biggest Mistakes in Network Marketing No One will Tell You”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Social Media MLM- 2 Hidden Secrets of Massive MLM Social Media Success

mlm social media

mlm home business social media


MLM Social Media.

Do you know how to use social media with your network marketing home business?

How do you move into the social networking arena with an mlm business?

Would it help to learn 2 powerful social media secrets that could accelerate your mlm recruiting and mlm prospecting?

Social Media is one of the most powerful influences today in the home business profession. Many people are using it for their home business, but many do not understand the RULES of social medai in home business. I want to share with you 2 very powerful secrets to social media mlm that will help you create a better magnetism and understanding for your network marketing business.

What are the 2  powerful Social Media MLM Rules?

1. It is No Longer just about Influence, but IMPACT.

 Influence is at the core of Leadership and the secret to this business of network marketing is Leadership Development. But today, things are changing and Influence is no longer the  “Power Factor” of Success with people in a Home business.


People today are not looking as much for Influence as something that stirs them up on the inside in a positive way and they FEEL the message-not just hear it or see it. Impact is the force that something hits something else. What FORCE does your message for your company have? What Impact does it carry?

 Take Nike. That company has Impact with a slogan, or “meme” that you cannot forget. “Just do It.™ That carries with it Impact that amplifies Influence to take action. And what today’s consumers and prospects are looking for is no longer to be Influenced to DO something- but Impacted so they FEEL something and be moved by it emotionally and psychologically.

 Many people today create a weaker influence than they should, and thusly it weakens their results as well as actions.

Create and impact with your message and product.

Make a BOLD statement.

Make an Extraordinary Promise.

Ask a thought provoking question.

Create a word picture that draws people towards you.

Display an image that tells a story-liker the Apple Ipod advertisements – just a silhouette that tells a story.

Take your prospects somewhere away in their mind with the sharing of your business and where it could take them.

Amplify your Passion and get people magnetized to listen because of what is pouring out of you. THAT creates Impact.

 Influence will always be important. But today, Impact is Imperative.

 Rule 2:  It is No Longer just about Marketing – but Membership.

 Marketing today is morphing into something that is part message, country club, and process. People today are getting tired of being “pitched” a marketing campaign or message. They have ascended to a higher place and form of marketing that they demand it if you want to get their attention.

They are looking for membership-to be part of an exclusive “club” or “place” that they can build a community as well as life around. Your Home business should not be to your prospect just “another one of those deals,” but one of the premier providers of the benefits you offer, and an absolute MUST to be a part of. That is how today’s marketer are approaching the masses.

If you take a look at any marketing or business magazine, you will find phrases like “join us,” or “become a part of this amazing future” or “embrace the future with us,” or even “Partner with us in this amazing journey.”

 They get it.

They know that Membership today is starting to powerfully drive marketing. Yes, you still must market with the process and message no doubt.. But today, you market on the prospect’s terms, and not the corporations. The prospects of today have made the decision that either you give them something that will create what they are looking for, or they will go somewhere else.

And if they can sense that their life will become better for just being a PART of something- and not just purchase something, you will find your business taking off like a rocket.

 Make your business the most powerful place to be, through the focus of helping others, the incredible education that people will receive through their joining, the new family that they will be a part of, the ‘new You” that they will experience and see from membership of this team,.

And of course, the lifestyle change they will experience that comes with just being a member. If you do this, any product you have to market, will become multiplied throughout the market.

These are 2 powerful secrets that will help you explode your results in your social media mlm home business!

FREE mp3 Download- “7 Biggest Mistakes made in Network Marketing No ONE will Tell You.”

FREE Social Media ebook- social Recruiting Power-over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- Getting Started by Unleashing The Power of Dreams?

mlm nework marketing

network marketing getting started



Have you ever thought how powerful DREAMS ARE in a home business?

Did you know that DREAMS are the kerosene to light the fire of new distributors in their business?

How do you get someone focused ON THEIR DREAMS and turn them into a POWER for Success in MLM home business?

I have done thousands of posts, articles, videos, podcasts, and the like, and have done much with cutting edge training like social network marketing, mobile recruiting, social media recruiting, and more.

But there are times you MUST get back to the basics, and in this post, that is what I have done- The basics of MLM and network marketing, and how to get a new person DREAMING again.

 The foundation of your Home Business NETWORK MARKETING Success is the dreams that you want to bring to life in your future. 

Most people, even many of your friends, and family, do not dream like they used to, because we have all been programmed that “dreamers are not realists.”

 Oh yeah? Who sold you on THAT?

 We encourage you to dream again.  Why?  Do you know what happens when you DREAM?

 You “Dare (to) Reach Extraordinary Altitudes (&) Milestones.”  That is what NETWORK MARKETING is about… helping people to do.

 Dreaming also is the basis for the WHY!  WHY are you doing MLM NETWORK MARKETING anyway?

 “WHY” stands for “What Has You?”

 Whatever has your heart, focus, passion, dreams, and desires, is your WHY. It could be your children, your family, yourself, your church or faith, or even making a difference in other’s lives, or all of the above. Your “WHY” is the driving force behind your business, and your dreams.

 What Dream has your heart for your family and future?

 Dreaming is simply the Art of Painting a VIVID Picture on the canvas in your mind, and letting that become the MASTERPIECE of Change in your life.

 “If money were not an object…what would your life be like?” Describe it!  Think about this, and complete it. What would your PERFECT DAY be like???


 The Ten Things I would like NETWORK MARKETING to bring into my life that currently don’t exist: (New House, New Cars, Vacations, College Money, New Wardrobe, Charity and Church Giving, Private Schools, Boats, Lake Place, etc).


2) ____________________________________________

3) ____________________________________________

4) ____________________________________________

5) ____________________________________________


7) ____________________________________________

8) ____________________________________________

9) ____________________________________________

10) ____________________________________________

 WHY?  The Reason I desire these things is simple:


 Turn your “DreamLight” on with NETWORK MARKETING.  Dust off your dream machine, and crank it up, and let that Dream Light shine on your future once more.  Your Dreams CAN and WILL come true. But first the Light of Hope and Possibility must shine in your heart!  Then you shine that NETWORK MARKETING light on your friends and family and get them dreaming with you!

 Stop! Take a few minutes now and make those lists!

 Let’s talk about Attitude and Thinking.

 What do your friends think?  How do they think?  Odds are you are thinking that way too.  Most people think like their peers and families.  There is nothing wrong with that, but is that serving you well in NETWORK MARKETING?  Or is it simply stifling your progress? As Dr. Phil says, “Is that working for ya?”

 As a NETWORK MARKETING Reseller, if you look at the word “THINKING,” you will see that the first word in Thinking is THIN!  Do you have skinny thinking?  Do you have poverty thought patterns?  That type of thinking will devastate your NETWORK MARKETING attitude!  And your Business!  Fatten up your Thinking and Fatten up your bank account with NETWORK MARKETING!  Think BIG!

 The last word in THINKING is KING! (Or Queen!) Do you have Royalty Thinking?  Are your thoughts larger than the average person’s?  Royalty Thinking is focused on Abundance and Fullness, not Scarcity.  It is focused on being Extraordinary in NETWORK MARKETING, not Ordinary.

 Let us ask you this question again. What has your thinking, up until this point in your life, cost you in dollars?  It’s time to change that and create a Shift in your Thinking that keeps your mind on track and focused!!!  And THAT will help people feel a more positive you, and more magnetic you!


 Make sure that you complete the lists before you move forward from this post, and share copies with your supportive spouse and NETWORK MARKETING sponsor.  This is a critical task commonly overlooked by new Resellers and it can literally set you six to twelve months ahead of those who don’t do it.  Remember, you are establishing a pattern your team will follow. TURN YOUR NETWORK MARKETING DREAMLIGHT ON!  And keep it burning!

 Put together a NETWORK MARKETING “Dream FOCUS Board: pictures of your dream house, dream car, dream vacation, and dream lifestyle, and paste them on a poster board. View them everyday and KNOW that is where your life is headed. It is amazing how powerful and fun this can be in your network marketing mlm home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Prospecting- 3 Quick MLM Prospecting Tips to Rock Your World



network marketing

MLM Prospecting.

What are your mlm prospects looking for?

Do you know what your home business  prospects want to talk about?

Would that help if YOU KNEW?

Here are 3 Quick MLM Prospecting Tips that will help you understand more your mlm prospect:

1. Know what your MLM prospects are looking for above everything else: Feeling Secure about their future.

Talk Possibility and Power. Their Power. But most importantly- talk SECURITY. People do not just want to know they are secure. That is not good enough.

They want to FEEL Secure.
They want to FEEL GOOD about their position in life.

That is why you must paint a picture of their future being rock solid and secure.

They have heard promises of security from a lot of people. They have heard a lot of promises. But you need to be different. Your prospect needs to be know you are different.  Talk the language that they want to FEEL- security.

“Security is important to me- how about you? I have found a path that is building my family’s security quickly. That is why I would like to explore some security options with you. Here is what I mean…”

2. You must Paint a Picture to the Prospect of Financial SOLUTION- as you know they already are experiencing a problem.
Your prospect during Tough Economic Times (TET) is seeking a SOLUTION to their financial challenge- not more financial DILUTION.

Dilution is doing the same thing financially without changing anything -over and over –and that will only dilute and weaken the future financial path they will walk.  You must offer a TRUE SOLUTION– and talk solution to them, try That is what they are focused on and looking for.
“I have run across a powerful solution that has really helped people get back control of their finances and actually come out better than they ever thought possible during these times. Does that sound like something that you would like to know about?”

Ask, “What is your biggest worry considering the state of the economy? <answer> Would you like a Solution that has helped a lot of people just like you?”

Talk about what they are looking for and then SHOW THEM the solution.

3. With the Election coming in 9 months, see the Phrase “Personal Bailout” when talking to people about the current financial crisis. It will paint a powerful picture and the word “Bailout” will be all over the media the next 9 months with the politicians.

People want more say and more control of their life and future. That is what we all want. You TALK ABOUT to your cold market  prospects about what people are hearing, watching, reading, talking a out, and are interested in changing, improving, or enlarging. That is “Tough Economic Times Language.” 

Talk to them about the familiar and what is on their heart- and on their mind. They will listen more intently and more closely.

“Bailout” is a word that we all have come familiar with and will be HUGE during the 2012 election. That is what you need to do when talking to prospects during TET. CONNECT them with the familiar and with what they have been hearing. This will grab their attention amazingly quick.

“Let me tell you what I have decided. I doubt I will get much of the trillion dollar bailout- at least not for 3 years from what I understand. I have decided to issue my own personal bailout for acquiring new income. I started my own business from home and have found out that it is a whole lot more profitable and reliable than any government bailout. How do you feel about that idea?”

If you use these three MLM prospecting tips, you will find that there will be a rapid acceleration in your mlm prospecting.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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