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Home Business- The Social Media Success Path-The 4 I’s?


social media home business

home business social media

Home Business Social Media.

There are many great trainings out in the marketplace, and many great trainers. But this article could rock your world.

The plethera of great social media home business trainings out in the marketplace are amazing. I love reading and learning and new ideas. Especially in social media. We have developed more business internationally via social media then we ever thought we would and it has been quite an effort we have put in.

Home business social media training is getting to be one of the most powerful educational field in MLM and Network Marketing. That is why at Passionfire that we have been training for 6 years in this powerful media. There are great people as well that I truly admire that are great in social media as trainers. Diane Hochman, Jackie Ulmer, among others.

Many people like them in social media market products, messages, ideas, books, CDs, trainings, ebooks, audio books, member sites, health products, travel products, legal products, and many other things.

We all are marketing something.

And in every business strategy, there is some form of a process.

A process is a step by step PATH that you can follow and it produces the RESULTS or destination that you are looking for. Many folks in social media follow a process whether on twitter, facebook, youtube, flicker, and any other social site. Just check their online tutorial. It shows you for the most part, a step by step process on how to use the social site.

But what about Marketing?

Most people that are marketing in social media have a message that they are marketing.

Yes, I have a message as well, and it is about Home Business and Social Media Marketing Success as part of it.

Ok. Let’s get REAL.

A message without an audience is nothing more than a great conversation with yourself.

You MUST get it out and in front of people. THAT is how you create a business. Exposure-Exposure- Exposure.

How can you create Exposure for your Home business Message or Products that will MOVE PEOPLE to want to know more and to possibly purchase your program, product, or message?

A billionaire told me this once: “The average marketer moves products. The highly successful wealthy marketer MOVES PEOPLE.”


HOW can you start a “People Moving Process” that will help insure your network marketing efforts are not in vain?

We developed a while back the “4 Is of Social Media Marketing.” The last 3 years we have been blessed to increase our online revenues by an incredible amount — by using this process in social media, and in other online marketing efforts. We cannot go into detail the minute details of the process due to lack of time, but we can overview this powerful process.

What are the 4 I’s?


The marketing process starts with informing folks of your message or home business products. This is a result of creating an exposure of YOU and your message. You first must connect with people, and build that bridge of trust, and then you can start informing them of your message of VALUE.

You can do this with many vehicles, including free ebooks, white papers, articles, videos, and podcasts.

You can inform people how your message will help transform their life and future. You can see people doing this with some amazing health tips or success tips sent out and info as well. And you can see GREAT information on many social sites and blogs as well.

Giving out HOT information for all to use freely is one of the great secrets of home buiness social media marketing. Lose control of your information and watch it virally market like crazy. Inform people of who you are, why they should listen to you, and what you or your product can do for their life to take it to a radical new level.

Once again, do this with videos, blog posts, mp3s, notes, tweets, pictures, direct messages, social email, free ebooks, and other social tools for exposure.


Your MLM message must IMPACT people.

It must MOVE THEM on the inside so they will take action on the outside. (READ THAT AGAIN!)

This is how you get people to move towards you to learn more about your product or message.

Stir them Emotionally with NEW information that they can apply, or move them with:

a) HOPE of solving a problem.

b) A HOW TO they have been looking for and seeking.

c) NEW POSSIBILITIES for their life.

e) LITTLE KNOWN INFORMATION but applicable and highly useful information.

d) A DISCOVERY of a new website, new podcast, blog, or video that will MOVE THEM emotionally and give them something that they find valuable.

Become KNOWN that YOU are a deliverer of Practical, Powerful, and Unique  information, that points to your message or product. Example: if you market a nutritional product- give out GREAT nutritional tips that will help people via blog posts, articles, videos, or any other media that works for your message.

I call it “Sample Results.” Give them some “samples” of results they can achieve by listening to you and purchasing your products. You do this with great, valuable information they can use.

STIR THEIR EMOTIONS with IMPACT. If you do this, your power to move people will explode.


There is a powerful tactic that is all part of social media marketing. We call it the “TIO Factor.”


To really market to people in social media, you must Take It Offline. You want to establish a more personal and trust soaked relationship. You rarely can do that by just being online.

You do this, by inviting people to special conference calls, training webinars, live online seminars, and local meetups. This is where you can EXPAND YOUR MESSAGE and EXPLODE your INFLUENCE on a more personal and face to face basis.

Whether facebook or LinkedIn, you can invite people to offline events that will create a more intimate and powerful CONNECTION with them, and you provide even MORE POWERFUL and USEFUL information to the prospect base on the call or webinar. This will POSITION YOU as someone that is worthy of being listened  to, and will dramatically increase your perceived expertise in your industry. And You can do the offline event yourself, or do it with multiple guest speakers. You can find events with 4 or 5 people that are the speakers or trainers that bring amazing value to anyone online.

Take It offline to MOVE PEOPLE even closer to you and your message/product.



Show people how YOU, YOUR HOME BUSINESS MESSAGE, or YOUR PRODUCTS can IMPROVE, INCREASE, MULTIPLY, or ENLARGE people’s lives and interests, and they will beat a path to your door, and multiply your message all over the internet.

To IMPROVE someone’s business, life, health, knowledge, faith, Success, or income – will dramatically MOVE PEOPLE towards you which will MOVE PRODUCTS for you. (Did you GET THAT?)

Quit just trying to move products in social media. That is how people that mostly fail do it.

MOVE PEOPLE and LOTS OF THEM on the inside and outside through the 4 I’s. This is a powerful social media marketing secret that can help you create results that most only dream of.

No one will see much of anything in their business if they do not have a path or track they can use. This track I have given you will help you in your social media efforts if you use it. You can duplicate this track easily, and it is a step by step process. we have been doing this process for 5 years and has proven to work great. Use this path and see what kind of Success you can obtain in your home business social media efforts.

Discover how social media can explode your home business recruiting success with Social Network Marketing!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

MLM Network Marketing Prospecting Resources

Home Business Training- A Billion Dollar Paradigm Shift?

home business billion dollars

home business billion dollars

Home business

success requires growth and transformation along the way, no doubt.

Many people today play with their home business.

They refuse to GROW and STRETCH themselves like they should. They need to create a paradigm shift that will take their Thinking, Belief, Expectations, and RESULTS to a level they never thought possible.

If you do that one thing- people will start RESPONDING to you differently. They will be more positive as they will FEEL a level of Success they do not have in their life. You may not be there yet yourself, but you must create that paradigm shift in your mind.

But a BILLION DOLLAR Paradigm Shift?


That is what happened to me with the 7 Billion Dollar Networker.He totally shifted my paradigm from thinking MILLIONS to BILLIONS in home business volume.

Think about the change and the level of thinking that would require from someone. A Billion dollars is a LOT of volume and money. So is a Million dollars, but what a shift in thinking that does to you.

When I made the Billion Dollar Shift in the mid 90s it was awesome. I started thinking much bigger and expecting much bigger. And it showed in how people responded to my conversations. “Billion” was not a part of most people’s perspective, and it really STRETCHED people in their home based business.

What about YOU?

What about thinking about doing a BILLION DOLLARS in volume in your home business?

Does it seem POSSIBLE?

Does it feel like it would FORCE YOU TO GROW?

It makes you MAGNETIC.

It would DRAW people towards you, as most do NOT talk billions. And when you tell someone that your goal is to help the company build a Billion Dollar Business….

THAT will get people’s attention in a whole new way. Your home business would take on a whole new level of image and power.

Have YOU thought of moving into the Billion Dollar Zone?

The first time I was introduced to think a Billion Dollars, I laughed. It was so foreign and out of reach. I was struggling to pay bills. But once I got a hold of it and understood that it is just a different and higher level of conversation, it eventually started feeling normal and natural.

And since then, and because I embraced the possibility…I have been blessed to build a Billion Dollar Success story.

Billion Dollar Prospecting is about that ONE THING:

Moving your prospecting success to a level that maybe may feel uncomfortable, but I can tell you- it will transform who you are when you move to that level.

Yeah, you may get the nay sayers and the neg-heads as I call them. But you will start seeing what is REALLY possible in your home business and MLM.

Do YOU have the gumption and the GUTS to take it to a Billion Dollar Level and Zone?

 If you do, then you will enroll in the Billion Dollar Prospecting Course.

Do NOT be just the “freebies” takers that are not willing to invest in their home based business. Most people spend more than 37.00 at a dinner that is unhealthy and will not change anything their  life.

Folks, we are talking LIFE Transforming here and Business Transforming education.

I encourage you to move to the Billion Dollar Level of Success! That is what Billion Dollar Prospecting will do- take your Lead generation to a whole new level and create a radical prospecting paradigm shift.

But do you have the GUTS to DO JUST THAT? 

ENROLL NOW in the Billion Dollar Prospecting Course…


It’s TIME to GET SERIOUS Folks.   NOW! If I did not think this would help your business — I would not be talking about it.

If you are in network marketing, start RISING to the Level of a Billion Dollars at least in your mind. That is so critical as it will set you apart from the  majority of people in network marketing. YOU are the BEST and deserve the best that life has to offer. RISE to the Billion Dollar Level NOW!

That thinking and belief level alone will start transforming your Success in your MLM Home Business!

blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2011 all rights reserved

Home Business Training Resources that IGNITE your business

Network Marketing- The Words that Turned My Business Around in 30 Seconds?

billion dollar words mlm

mlm billion dollar words

Network Marketing

Home  Business Success can be a challenge to say the least.

I used to be the world’s most prolific quitter of this network marketing business.

Or at least was. 

 I quit on the average about 4 times a month when I was in the fire of things and recruiting like crazy.

Let me clarify….when I was struggling like crazy.

Sound all too familiar?

I often said “This is stupid. I am NO good a this. I can make more money bagging groceries.” And then I would think for a while and then decide to try again.

And I tried.

And I tried.

And I tried.

And I got REAL tired of trying network marketing and nothing happening. My home based business was becoming a Home BOMB Business because I was bombing out big time.

For the life of me, I could not think of why everything I was trying…was not working. Folks, I am talking for THREE LONG YEARS- I was like Moses in the desert.

I tried everything.

All I was getting was a bunch of sand.

Then my mentor, who I call “The 7 Billion Dollar Networker” said something one day that hit me like a ton of bricks. I always had a tremendous amount of respect for his genius in this business. But that one day, my respect for him grew even more because of what he said.

He simply said, “Trying something guarantees weakness. There is  no power in trying. I have watched you as you ‘ve tried this business for over 3 years. Quit trying and start DOING what needs to be done and do it powerfully. DOING is 1000 times more likely to Succeed than  just trying.”


Those words changed my whole career in the Home business profession.

And all it took was 30 seconds for him to turn my business totally around. THAT was a Divine Revelation and a Power Boost for my Home Business Success that is STILL working in my network marketing success.

Want to Discover How To Turn Your Business Around in Less than 1 Minute?

blessings….doug firebaugh

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25 Little Known Ways to Drive traffic to your website

Home Business- Are You Talking OPTIONS When Recruiting in MLM?

home business options

home business options

Home Business

Success Wisdom:

“Options in life are the Magnet to a home business.
Most people lack options for anything else except

what they are doing. Having a powerful OPTION
for more income alone can make you MAGNETIC.”

Doug Firebaugh
Talk OPTIONS with your home business.

Income options.

House options.

Car options.

Vacation options.

Career options.

Dream options.

Success options.

Revenue options.

Destiny options.

Life options.

Options are part of the GOLD of a powerful network marketing home business.

Simply ask what their options are if their income should stop or if they even have any.

“Just curious…what options have you planned for you and your family if your income should suddenly go away tomorrow?”

A “Security Option” for an income – is a powerful option to have and to bring up.

“Have you ever considered a Security Option your your Income?”

You can provide that security option with your mlm home business.



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Private Training Course to Accelerate your business:

  “How to Turn the Lazy Days of Summer into a Sponsoring Tsunami!”

a 3 HOUR Content Rich webinar!  Check it Out as thousands already have:

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blessings…doug firebaugh
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Explode your Prospecting and Leads Generation NOW!

MLM Training- What Causes The Fear of REJECTION?

mlm fear of rejection

mlm fear of rejection

Home business

training has plenty of fear-if you allow that to be a part of your business.

Fear of Rejection is one of the most powerful in MLM and even in social media and social networking. I have seen this for the last 25 years as well as the last 6 in social media.

There are many causes to the Fear of Rejection, but I have found that you really cannot conquer it until you know the SOURCE or REASON for the fear.

I am sure that you have felt that knot in your stomach when thinking about calling someone. I have felt it before and it is a VERY uncool feeling. I remember that feeling when one person in particular I called. I thought I was going to toss some cookies I was so nervous.

The Cause of the Fear of Rejection I have studied over time and have found through research that there are 7 main causes:

1 Not Being Approved of

This is the biggie. Many people in MLM and Home business want people to approve of what they are doing, and approve of them. This one is one that must be dealt with as “approval-itis” kills many a home business.

2) Feeling of Being Abandoned Again

Feeling of abandonment is another issue. Without getting into a psychological discussion, this cause can be crippling to someone calling people as they do not want to feel like the person is going to leave their business.

3) Doing something wrong – self conscious

Many distributors/consultants have what Icall the “No No” syndrome. many people ina home business think that they are doing something wrong. What happens when we are babies, we hear the word NO 80 times more than the word YES. We are programmed for that word, and mindset.

“NO NO! You will get burned if you touch that!”

“No NO you will fall down the stairs if you get too close!”

“NO NO you will get shocked if you put your fingers in that!”

NO = You are doing something WRONG.

And many people in network marketing still struggle with that syndrome.

4) Feeling inadequate Again

The feeling of inadequacy seems to be another big problem with folks. They feel they are “not enough” to succeed in a home business. So they never call anyone because if they do, then their “lacking” will be discovered. This is quite a strong issue with people who have done MLM before.

5) Reinforcement of Self Doubts

We live in a Doubt Focused world. That is just the way it is. But if you are going to succeed you must live in your own FAITH focused world. We doubt because of what has been spoken into us and over us by others. This makes us doubt ourselves when we call people, and thus, we do not.

6) Previous life experiences of rejection

Rejection through life is a biggie as well. I experienced this in life growing up, but was blessed to get beyond it my freshman year in college. What has happened in your life as far as rejection cannot be changed- but you CAN change how you respond to those memories. You can either control them, or let them control you.

7) The emotions and mental pictures you have to deal with.

We all have mental picture and emotions we deal with on a daily basis in a hone business. They are either pictures of Success or struggle. Your life always moves towards what you have pictured in your mind. If you see your business struggling, it will. If you see your business succeeding, you will. That is up to the movies that you play daily in your mental theater.

Fear of Rejection can be conquered, and easily, if you identify what is the ROOT CAUSE of it. This fear can stop you working social media. It can stop you working the phones.  It can stop you working this business.

Define YOUR cause of fear of rejection if you struggle with that and in another post, I will give you some powerful ways to overcome that in your MLM and home business.

Powerful Training Resource to move you ahead of your fears and your Doubts- Getting ready for W.A.R. (Between Your Ears)

blesings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business Training Resources

Social Media Home Business-The Social Power of

knowem home business

knowem home business

Home business social media

is new and many home business owners are now engaging it fully.


Social media home business usage  is a fast growing part of network marketing.

It is growing at lightening speed with conversion rate optimisation agency and getting faster by the day in a home based business.

Many internetwork marketers (the fusion of network marketing and internet marketing) have staked their claim and brought in cool new technology in the home business profession. Here is a best digital space marketing company to boost your business.

Some good. Some not so good.

But none the less, there are many good people have brought in some great web software developed by good code writers.

In social media, the same applies. At Kaizentechnology there are good social technology developments and apps that have accelerated your ability to market profoundly.

Seo newcastle have use a lot of the social tool sites. There are many for,, and many more. But there are also less known sites but GREAT for the home business owner who uses social media everyday in their business.

One of them is

What is that?

On their wesite it states this:

“KnowEm allows you to check for the use of your brand, product, personal name or username instantly on over 550 popular and emerging social media websites. Grab your name and secure your brand before someone else does.”

Good reason to use them.


That is how many social sites it will check for you to see if your social moniker is available. Then they will go and set up all your profiles, for a fee of course, but well worth it.

I have use them and they really did a great job getting backlinks and also the profiles set up. If you are looking for a rapid way to get out your name in social media, or at least to save your name I believe is a great tool for that in social media home business.

It also offer these services:

Trademark Protection, Search Engine Marketing and SEO Agencies.

Not bad for a social site that checks your name on social sites.

They have several plans for business and personal use, so check them out. I believe it will be well worth a look.

Am I getting anything for writing this?

Heck no.

Just wanted you to know about if you have not found out about it. Just like all the other social tech apps out there, this is one of the best that can fit your social media blueprint well for your MLM business.

I believe  it is a rocking hot social tool for your social media home business.

Have Your Discovered Social Network Marketing Success? This training course will take your home business social media to unparalleled Success in building your home business!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business Social Media Prospecting

Home Business Training- What to Do When a Prospect Goes Ballistic?


mlm home business training

home business mlm mad

Home business success is about being able to build your business NO MATTER what happens, is said, or is done.

Many Leaders have gone through a Ballistic Prospect before, but rarely shares what to do with her/his Leaders.

Many times, in calls as well as face to face meetings, or even public meetings, there can be a negative prospect or even a Ballistic prospect that really gets upset.

What do you DO?

What do you SAY?

Home business Success requires that you build your business with prospects that are HAPPY to be talking with you, not upset. You WILL occasionally run across those types that for whatever reason, are just upset at life and take it out on you.

Do NOT fight back with words.

There is NO reason to play verbal judo and start lowering yourself to that level of communication, remember that at the end you will obtain  performance reviews from your customers. Many times, whether in person or on facebook- ESPECIALLY on social media sites- that is what they want. (Every home business training should cover some aspect of this as it happens on social sites.)

They want to get an “anger thread” going and get everyone’s attention and comments.

Do NOT go there as that is a fight that you cannot win.

If someone gets upset, and even goes Ballistic, here is what you type in on social sites, or simply say:

“I am sorry. My intentions were not to upset you, but simply inform you of something that has made a tremendous difference in my life and lifestyle. Obviously, this is not for you, so let’s go ahead and end this part of the conversation with my apologies.”

Simple, to the point, and leaves you looking like a True Leader in your home business mlm business.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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The Billion Dollar Secrets to Prospecting

Home Business Training-The Team Building Secret No ONE Teaches?


home business training

home business training

Home business training

is a lot about BUILDING TEAMS.

Simple to the point.

 It is about building teams of prospects, teams of customers, teams of distributors and consultants, and teams of Leaders.

Many network marketing home based business companies train on team building, Leadership, but rare is the company that teaches Team Building Stability.

If your team is not stable, your MLM business more than likely will not survive. Stability is important in any relationship.It does not matter whether a marriage or friendship. Stability MUST be there for the relationship to flourish.

Your team is made up of relationships, and you must treat the team as such.

It is the same for Team Building in a home based business.

 Team building is going out and finding people that you can work with and become part of your team. Then you coach them and train them to succeed. But many never do succeed.


Lack of Stability.

Their organization never stabilizes as the leaders is too busy building a business then building the team.  A team is part of your business, and you must create some form of security or stability for the team to grow. In your home business training, you must get your leaders to embrace that.

Ok…what would you do in home  business training to stabilize a team so it can GROW? 

Your team must perceive that there is real LEADERSHIP VALUE in being a part of your team. What is one of the most powerful tactics  leaders do to help stabilize a team?

Create an ENVIRONMENT that you Expect the team to grow massive -and it WILL GROW- UNDER YOUR CURRENT TEAM.

Read that again.

Now read that again.

That one Team Building Law can create a lot of stability quick as you are doing 3 things:

1. Showing Future Value to the current team of being part of YOUR team.

2. You are establishing EXPECTATIONS that are critical for leadership to grow and flourish in your home business team.

3. You are establishing the Destination -and Motivation – for your team to get to, and strive for.

Home business team building is critical to the success of your network marketing business. Make sure that you teach it or you are taught it as part of any Home business training on team building.

For a HOT Team building resource that helped build a team of over 80,000 people:  Secrets to Finding leaders for team building

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business Training for Prospecting

MLM – The ONE Question You ALWAYS Ask in MLM Recruiting?


mlm recruiting

mlm home business recruiting

MLM recruiting

for your home based business requires the right stuff.

It requires words and questions that PULL people towards you. I have always called it “PULL Conversation.”

It is a powerful way to work in social media, face to face, public meetings, in home parties, and just over a webinar or cell phone.

 PULL Recruiting is a powerful way to build a team.

In today’s world, microwave speed communication is standard. In the news it is called ‘sound bytes” and that is what they are. They speak quick, a couple of sentences, if that. We all communicate today differently than we did even 15 years ago because of technology and culture.

That is why that you need a powerful  “Stopper Question.”

This is a question in home business recruiting that STOPS the person for a second- and makes them think. In today’s world you must get their attention and a Stopper Question does.  It has IMPACT and it says that this not just another communication.

There are many many MLM home business recruiting tactics out today that have proven to be successful.

There are tactics for social media and social networking. I have been blessed to teach a lot of them and learned a lot from other folks too!

There are home business recruiting tactics in party plans, and I have done a lot of work with those kinds of companies.

There are internet driven recruiting tactics and we  have been blessed to have a lot of success online. There are a TON of good teachers out there as well that train on how to do this.

But no matter the style of recruiting and sponsoring new people in your home business, there is ONE QUESTION that you always ask the prospect.

And surprisingly many do not.

MLM recruiting in home business is based on finding people are are:


That means they are looking for something in life that is not there currently. Many people often do not even realize they are looking for something until presented new possibilities for their life.

Sometimes, you have to “scratch that itch” if you will for that Looking to start. And when you start talking about lifestyle and success they have never experienced, it can start them looking your way very quickly.

So with that understanding, what is the ONE QUESTION in MLM recruiting you should ALWAYS ask no matter whether it is social media offline?

“Just curious…I asked my self this question recently, and it really shifted things for the better  in my life. It’s a great question. What are you looking to improve or increase in your life – if you could?”        <Answer>   

“Tell me about it.” And then LISTEN.

“Let me share with you what I recently ran across that has really helped shift some things for the better in my life…”

Notice I did NOT say the word “change,” but “Improve” and “Increase.”

This one question I have taught for years for social media, online as well as offline, and there is a reason why it is so magnetic in mlm recruiting:

People are drawn to those kinds of people that are looking to do better, and want to help others do the same SINCERELY. Your question MUST come across like you are sincerely interested and care to know.

I cannot explain in this brief article why this works so well as that is a much longer write, but I can tell you…IT DOES WORK no matter the communication arena.

Whether on facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn, ask this one PULLING Question and you will find your prospect moving towards you in the conversation because in your home business, you have asked THE ONE QUESTION that draws people into your MLM recruiting conversation.

And their answer will let you know where you need to take the conversation to start talking to them about their own home business in mlm recruiting.

For a powerful training resource on improving your recruiting ratio amazingly, click here for a look:  MLM Recruiting Words that PULL People In

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

Home Business Training Tools

Home Business Training- The 3 Things that Stops Everyone?

home business stress

home business stress

Home based businesses

require the proper education and training on ALL aspects of building a business as well as yourself. That is the purpose of this home business training.

If you have been in Home Based business for a while you will find that there are a lot of times that you just feel like walking away. The pressure is real and the frustration can drive you crazy.

I nearly quit the first 2 years I was in this profession 4 times and wow! What that would have cost me if I had!

Home business survival when you are new is typical and must be dealt with. But after awhile it goes beyond survival to making a decision that you are staying…or leaving.

I have found that there are 3 things that stops everyone. But the ones that Succeed in home business are the ones that get past these 3 hurdles and makes these 3 things a STEP versus a stumbling block. You learn that in home business training.

What are the 3 things that stop everyone and what can you do about it?

1. Fatigue.

This is a killer of many a home business. The owner catches fire, but burns too bright and then starts to burn out and then burn up.They become fatigued and just worn out.

And then fade out.

This business is where you must PACE yourself. Any business owner will tell you that you must go at a steady pace versus run a race. And take care of your body and diet. Eat energy foods, exercise, and drop some pounds if you need to as that alone will keep you tired.

2. Stress.

If you are constantly stressed out because of your mlm business– you are working it all wrong. This business is Lifestyle Marketing. You work  it as you live your life, not live your life as you work your business.

You could try getting FluxxLab™ CBD vape cartridges that are among the best for an entourage effect of calmness for anxiety, stress and also insomnia to help you sleep, is recommended to use a dab pen with some kind of CBD oil. To reduce stress and anxiety you should eat healthy food. you can order healthy CBD food from KushieBites website, they provide healthy and delicious food product like honey, cookies, jelly beans, gummies, nutella etc.

Just like humans, cats can feel down too and they can even get sick. If you’re a cat owner, check out the best CBD oil for cats with cancer to help your cat heal.

You TAKE IT WITH YOU-not it takes you with it and dominates your life.

Stress can stop the best in this profession because of the worry and anxiety that goes with it. Let up and let go. Take a break and get with your kids or spouse and destress your life and business. To reduce stress you can try tianeptine sulphate or sodium, You can tianeptine buy from Tianeptine Shop.

It is NOT worth losing your health and lifestyle and more trying to make it work. You are working it wrong.

Do not try and MAKE it work- LET it work naturally and you will find that your home business will start growing.

3. Opinions.

Ahhh those pesky opinions of others, I could write a book on what I was told over the years. Opinions can stop you cold in your tracks. Especially from a person of influence.

My suggestion is when people start giving you negative opinions, smile and simply say, “I really appreciate you caring, but I don’t think that way anymore. I know that I will succeed and build a tremendous business and I would love your support even if it is only as a cheerleader.”

Opinions can make your business jump the track if you are not careful. Learn to listen to people that have BEEN THERE and can take you to where you want to go. If someone has a negative opinion, so be it. It probably will not change and it is best if you do not try to change it.

Becoming successful will change their minds without any forcing from you.

These are the 3 things that can stop anyone in a home based business. Make sure that you watch out for these hurdles when you are growing and building your home business in network marketing.

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