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Response to My BV versus CV Post

Obviously a heated discussion regarding how network marketing companies operate in terms of paying their distributors. Here is an update [Read more…]

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Are you Being Paid Fairly By your Network Marketing Company?

Warning: This video is likely to piss you off. If you don’t like hearing the truth, then don’t watch. However, [Read more…]

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Don’t Be a Trash Talking Network Marketer

Todd goes off on this video discussing why you want to avoid bragging, trash talking, lying and exaggerating in your [Read more…]

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Designing an Attractive Business Card Learn all about how you can and should design your business card to accurately represent your business.

Why Some People are PAID to do MLM

Uh-Oh! Falcone digs in deep on this one as he discusses why some people are literally PAID to do network [Read more…]

Niels Diffrient: Rethinking the way we sit down Design legend Niels Diffrient talks about his life in industrial design (and the reason he became a designer instead [Read more…]