101 Best Kept Prospecting Secrets 5 CD series by Doug Firebaugh

101 Best Kept Prospecting Secrets No One Will Tell You by Doug Firebaugh

5 CD series by Doug Firebaugh

Have you ever wondered why some people NEVER have enough leads, and then others have more lead than they can count?
WHAT IF you could learn so many secrets, tactics, principles of prospecting that literally you could put a 90 day plan together and never do the same thing TWICE? What IF YOU would NEVER have to worry about Leads again?

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In this 5 CD Series you will Discover:

• Backwards Prospecting
• The 5 Most powerful words you can say to draw someone in
• Where to find the ‘Hidden Assembly”
• The Power of the Consistent Question
• The Secret of “Un-Prospecting”
• How to do a classified ad that PULLS vs. wastes money
• How to become a Rainmaker
• Creating a Prospecting Blueprint
• Creating a Prospecting MAP
• How to develop a PLAN for prospecting LEADERS
• Where you can find the best teachers
• The Secret of Monster
• How to prospect on FFA sites
• How to prospect on Google and yahoo Ads
• How to implement “Search Engine prospecting”
• The Secret of the “Snail Mailer”
• How to NEVER talk to the wrong person again
• The 4 Places that are a WASTE of TIME to go to- but most do.
• The Secret ot the “Yard”
• How NOT to destroy a great prospecting conversation
• How to find 10 HOT lead a day and where to get them
• EXTREME Prospecting Secrets
• RADICAL Tactics that WORK to explode your leads

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